I have had a year full of ups and downs but it’s safe to say, I’ve come out on top. I’ve gained some, I’ve lost some and I have retained some, but as they say, everything happens for a reason and eventually, you’ll see the true colours in some people. I’m happier than ever, surrounded by the best people and the most amazing plans for 2018.

This year has been the BEST for my blogging life. I’ve worked with some amazing brands, attended some amazing events (which you would have seen), I’ve made some of the bestest friends I could possibly wish for (all thanks to blogging and events) and I’ve finally worked out an Insta theme – if you are into blogging, you will understand how important this really is… (hahahaha!!!)

I’ll start with the worst part of my year.. and this was definitely when I lost my beautiful Buffy in September, which broke my heart into 154685+ pieces but I will forever cherish the memories with her.  She has been my rock since I was a little girl.  You may think, I sound slightly crazy (unless you own a dog, because you will completely understand me when I say this) but she was so much more than “just a dog” to me, she was like a sister.  I adored her so much and she honestly had kindest heart.  Every single day I had her in my life, she made me feel so loved.  I love you my Buffy girl – miss you everyday, my little bestie! xxx

Some of my most memorable bits:

New York Baby! (I finally got to meet some of my beautiful American family… and I love them to pieces!)

Celebrating my Denise’s 50th Birthday

Vlogging for Megan McKenna’s restaurant: Mck Grill

Getting our puppy: Hugo!

Having my blog/blog post retweeted by RIMMEL LONDON!!!

My little sister’s (Georgia) prom

Arsenal’s Wembley trips to the FA Cup Semi-Final and Final with my Dad

Visiting California

Girly time

My 21st Birthday


Amelie’s Dance Competition – my little sis was A M A Z I N G!

Meeting and then becoming besties with Charlotte & Tara

Visiting STK!


Dad’s Work Christmas Party

Christmas 2017

Gigi and Ami reaching 20k!!!

Robs, Gigi and Ami edit Instagram accounts being made of me and my sisters!? (thank you lovelies!!!)



New Years Eve


Blogging Opportunities

Finally, one of the best memories of the year was when my Dad sold his business.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to go with this section just yet… but we celebrated with our close friends and family on New Year’s Eve!  Congratulations Dad xxxxxxx

I would also like to say a big thank you to all those who I worked alongside in 2017, I have loved working with you all – it has been so much fun.

And, a big thank you to all of those who invited me to their incredible events.  Events are definitely one of my favourite things… ever!  I have met the most amazing girls through these events and have certainly made friends for life!

Also, a big thank you to my mum, dad, sisters, Nan, Rhianna, Alicia, Charlotte & Tara who have put up with the constant photographs and helping me with my Blogging in general.  I definitely wouldn’t of had such a successful year without you guys!  Love you all xxx

Wishing you all lots of love, happiness and success in 2018 – thank you so much for your continued support from 2014 – 2017.  You will never understand how much I love and appreciate you all for sticking by me and supporting me and my blog!

Best wishes, always and forever…

I am back with another Rimmel London blog post (I know you love them, just as much as I do!!)

So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you on my new favourite “bronze & sculpting” Rimmel London products, these can help you achieve a lovely glow ahead of the winter months!!!  When I’ve got a tan, I always feel sooooo much better in myself, especially in the winter months.  This is why I love makeup and tan, you can wear it exactly how you please.

You all know just how much I adore Rimmel London (and still cannot believe, I blog for them!!!!!!), Rimmel London are that drugstore favourite of mine.  I have always owned ridiculous amounts of makeup from Rimmel London and I use most of their products during my daily routine.

Let’s start with……

Radiance Brick

Oh my gosh, this brings me back to my teen days again, I remember buying something very similar to this when I brought my first makeup bag!  This ultra fine bronzing powder can be used to create a cute, shimmery effect but also a gorgeous, healthy glow.  When applying, it adds the most perfect amount of shimmer and bronze, without making it look like you have just plastered mud all over your face!  This is also an absolutely amazing combo because the shades can also be used on other parts of your body (i.e – your arms and legs), to give other areas that glow and shimmer effect.  Oh, and who says you can’t use it as eyeshadow either?

Sunshimmer Instant Tan

Throughout my teen years, I was forever trying different fake tan products and Rimmel London definitely provided me with the best instant fake tan back in the day!  As I could only imagine, their fake tan has improved over time too.. (even though, back in the day, I never would have thought this was humanly possible?!)  So, Sunshimmer Instant Tan is completely streak free (woohoo!) with a fade proof formula and it can be worn in the rain!!!  I am sure, you all know how annoying it is, when you fake tan for a night out (with your instant, wash off tan) and it’s raining outside and you have to go into the club with rain streaks all down your legs, ahhhh I hate those days!!!  Anyway, the Sunshimmer Instant Tan dries almost instantly too (but obviously, allow extra time, just in case!)  It does not transfer on to your clothes and the traditional “fake tan smell” is non-existent.  The fake tan can be washed away after a long 24 hours of wear by using shower gel and warm water.. perfect, or what?!

Kate Sculpting Palette 

I received a “Kate Sculpting Palette” from Rimmel London once before and I am so pleased I have received another one (I have certainly used this more than I can imagine!) Being so small, it is fabulous to just throw in your bag and carry around with you.  This palette is great because you can use just a little colour for a real natural look or you can use more and make more a statement with the bold look.  As Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds.. and here you really do!  The combo of three powder shades (a highlight, shading powder and blush) create a cute, contoured and glowy sort of look!

Insta Duo Contour Stick

The Insta Duo Contour Stick are Rimmel London’s latest discovery… and it is definitely a good discovery too!  Now, an everyday essential,  to “cream” contour and highlight your cheekbones.  Being a creamy formula, it blends amazingly, I have tried this with my beauty blender too and it works great!  I can achieve a defined cheek look and the highlight leaves a dewy and healthy glow to the skin.  They are a great buy, especially for someone who is just learning to use makeup and contouring.  It is a real quick and easy way to contour whilst you are in a rush (like me on a daily basis!)

Well, Rimmel London, have made my life (and my makeup bag) that little more complete, once again.  If you need some quick, easy, drugstore essentials to add to your makeup bag and your daily routine, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Rimmel London section in your local drugstore.

I am also considering posting a YouTube video showing you my bits from Rimmel London… what do you guys think?!


Rimmel London have blessed my life yet again, with another new mascara. This is now OFFICIALLY my favourite Rimmel London mascara – I know it sounds like I say this every time but seriously, they just keep getting better and better.

“Volume Shake Mascara” is a mascara that you shake to ensure it is always fresh and never dries out. This mascara features a first-to-market patented shaker system that refreshes the formula, every single time you use it. When you shake the mascara it has this really satisfying sound too (or.. maybe I’m just a little strange?!)

This mascara is great for volume and depth of colour. It is a must try mascara. You will not be disappointed!

This mascara is a fairly creamy formula, which helps me to get my lashes into the shape I want without drying super fast, I can add as many coats as I like.. without it crumbling AND it’s clump-free.. amazing huh?!

Lashes are a really important thing in my daily makeup routine. I love having natural but bold eyelashes, day in, day out.. It’s a MUST buy! Let me know what you think too!!!

Experimenting with makeup is one of my favourite things to do….. I love trying out new things, especially on my brows, as I find brows so important when it comes to painting your face. Being given the opportunity to try out the Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder before they hit the shop, was soooo exciting!

I had a few brow products turn up at my door recently and I couldn’t wait to show them to you!!!!! The Brow Shake Filling Power works as a 3 in 1, they fill, define and then line the eyebrows. It is in a powder form which includes a soft applicator for smooth use.

When it comes to using the Brow Shake Filling Powder, you must (as it says) shake before use. Then you apply it to your brows using very light strokes to give you the “fill, define, line” look.

So, there are four colours you can choose from – which means there is a shade to suit everyone. It comes in: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black. The product itself is small and easy to carry around, so this means you can never have an excuse for poor brows!!! It is really easy to apply, you just need to make sure you don’t press down too hard, otherwise you could totally over do it, so just add a little at a time. It lasts all day long and it doesn’t smudge. It is priced at around £5.99, which is very reasonable – you can find this in drugstores like Boots (check it out here: Rimmel London).

I have only managed to try out the two lightest colours as the dark colours do not suit my hair and skin colour. This is now my brow essential and I wouldn’t use anything else – you must add this to your makeup collection, it is amazing!!!!!!!

I recently received a little set from Rimmel London which included:

Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette:

Contour your eyes with just one kit! The high-shimmer, ultra-smooth, blendable formula delivers endless eye looks perfect for sculpting, shading and defining.


Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner:

This fade, transfer and waterproof liner delivers intense glossy colour all day and night, for up to 24 hour wear. Innovative ball tip applicator for a bold look.


Wonder’full Mascara:

The secret weapon to full volume without clumps. The formula contains Argan Oil which feels incredibly lightweight, soft & flexible for wonder’full volume that won’t weigh you down.


Kate Sculpting Palette:

The Kate Sculpting Palette is a clever combo of three powder shades – a highlighter, shading powder and blush – that seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a contoured look. The kit works with every face shape and skin tone, adding definition and structure.


Kate 15 Year Lipstick:

Rimmel London and Kate Moss introduced a special-edition lip collection in Kate’s favourite reds and nudes, each created by Kate and inspired by her London look. Apply in one smooth stroke for an incredibly long lasting finish.

Rimmel London is my favourite makeup brand anyway, but yet again they have produced even more amazing products that you need to try out for yourself.