I had the best surprise when I received my Proxima1 Powerbank from Proxima1 a few weeks ago.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good Powerbank?

My Proxima1 Powerbank is now an essential in my handbag.  My phone is forever dying and with my busy schedule, I always need my mobile phone (in fairness, I think we all do these days, mobile phones are just an essential in themselves!)

The Proxima1 Powerbank I received is a very smart and classy looking Powerbank (portable charger).  I am used to carrying round a little pink one which is fairly “childish” for a 21 year old!!!

You can purchase a Proxima1 Powerbank here (www.proxima1.co.uk) for just £9.99 (depending on the MAH) but how cheap is that?!

Proxima1 are the home of digital accessories, home automation, entertainment and ground breaking technology.  They sell all of the new technology and I usually spot the new technology on their site before I see them anywhere else – so if you love keeping up to date with all the new things, it is definitely worth checking out their website!

Another one of my favourite products that I discovered on the Proxima1 Instagram page is the “Proxima1 WiFi Video Doorbell” – these are absolutely insane and SO worth having.  If you are clueless to what I am talking about, this is the reason WHY you need to check out the Proxima1 website.

A little more info:
The Proxima1 Wireless Doorbell is the ideal solution for answering the doorbell for anywhere in the world – with an internet connection, you can wirelessly view your doorbell and be alerted on your phone with a FaceTime call…. I think you get the idea but this product is absolutely crazy – it is definitely a good way to protect your home and will be an essential for every home in no time!  This door bell is currently on offer for £89.99 (was £129.99) so I would highly recommend checking this one out too!

You would be silly not to have a browse through their site to check out the latest technology – honestly, you will be surprised when you realise you are not as “up to date” with your technology as you originally thought!!!

Lots of love,

Robynne Louise x

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I recently worked alongside Case App!

I have always loved their products and was particularly keen on purchasing my own custom laptop skin or custom iPhone case – fortunately, Case App got in touch and wanted to work with ME!  I could not believe it when I received a message from them asking to collaborate with little old me!

I had a choice of skins and of course, I went for matching cases for my iPhone, iPad and Mac Book – I mean, how could I not?

The skins are gorgeous and look super classy.  I decided to go for the marble and pink case (as you probably would have guessed!).

I held a giveaway on my Instagram a few weeks ago which was super fun – I am forever entering giveaways myself, so to be giving the opportunity to host a giveaway myself and collaborate with Case App at the same time was quite surreal – I thought only popular bloggers done that?!

Now, is your chance to get involved… you can shop my skins (or other customised laptop/phone/ipad skins) here: www.caseapp.co.uk and you can use my discount code: ROBYNNE20 (this gives you 20% off your order!)

Just want to say a big thanks to Case App for giving me the chance to collaborate with you and hold my own giveaway!!!

Lots of love,
Robynne Louise x

Case App - Social Media pages: Instagram and Facebook

I  remember when I started to plan my Blogger’s Brunch.. it felt like a lifetime away! Saturday 20th January 2018 came around so quickly… that it almost felt like I needed more time!

I had been planning my Bloggers Brunch for a while, but of course, being an inexperienced party planner, you never know how these things will unfold! I contacted the girls a few months in advance, in order for them to save the date – I then decided, due to the girls I had invited, I would look into sponsors for the event. This way, we could all promote companies and give the companies good exposure whilst doing what we love (stuffing our faces and taking photographs!) and the girls could all go home with goodie bags!

I held my brunch at the Clerkenwell Grind in London and it was honestly, the perfect venue for my brunch.  The room was perfect and really “Instagramable” which was obviously perfect for us bloggers!  The size of the room was perfect and it was set up beautifully!  I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Clerkenwell Grind for hosting my event!

Obviously, the sponsors took a while to piece together and I had a nightmare with the goodie bags (I’m still not entirely sure who’s fault that is haha!) but in my head, everything was figured out!

The week before, I had a few drop outs (which was obviously pretty upsetting, knowing the efforts I had put in to make this a success…) but then to my amazement, I had messages asking if I had any spaces for other girls to attend (but unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate everyone but of course, I wish I could have!). With things like events/parties (basically any event where you are stressing yourself out and running around trying to arrange everything whilst working Monday-Friday, attending events, going for dinner, etc…), it’s pretty difficult – you just need to find the right balance.. but anyway, what I was saying was, it really opens your eyes to find your true friends, the ones who offer to help, ask to arrive early to help set up, etc. I’ve had the sweetest messages from the girls since… and I couldn’t be more grateful. I definitely invited the best girls possible!!!

I didn’t go to bed until 3am on Saturday morning, after rushing around picking things up for the event, fake tanning (you know the drill haha), drying my hair UPSIDE DOWN, etc – so I was so worried I wouldn’t wake up… but to my surprise, I was like a child on Christmas morning. I had butterflies but was full of excitement – praying the day would run smoothly and go to plan!

I was extremely grateful that my mum helped me as much as she did, she helped me sort all of the final bits (I don’t know what I would do without that woman.. seriously – I’m BLESSED!). My sister, Amelie and my boyfriend, Georgie helped me to sort the goodie bags and make them look presentable and my dad was so kind to buy the first round of drinks (which certainly wasn’t cheap)! Literally the only thing that went wrong was my logo stickers for my goodie bags didn’t arrive until the MONDAY AFTER (even though they had next day delivery..and were sent on WEDNESDAY?!) but we were not going to stress about that, so we styled it out with some cute butterfly table place cards instead (mums idea!). I was so grateful for my family and my boyfriend to attend the event with me, they all came to support me and I cannot count the amount of times I have heard them say that they are proud of me for pulling off the event and for my efforts and the brunch I hosted – so sweet! I am the luckiest girl in the world!

It was amusing though, the amount of times I was told “Oh Robyn, you and your family are like the blonde Kardashians” was just hilarious… I mean, we would be fun to watch on our own reality show hahaha!!! Amelie would definitely steal the limelight though!!!

My outfit for my Bloggers Brunch was inspired by Bey Andall – she is my FAVOURITE. Her outfits are always on point, she always looks amazing and she is the sweetest person EVER – which are just more reasons to be inspired by her! I saw her post an Instagram picture of this gorgeous black and white jacket, so obviously, I went on the hunt! I discovered this jacket was from The Fashion Bible, so of course, I bought one myself! The top I wore underneath was £4.50 (bargain) from Boohoo and my leather look trousers were just £10 from Topshop – they were a last minute thing (the day before) as I was just going to style it with jeans but my mum was out shopping and found the perfect pair, she also found my boot heels on the same day, in the same place, these were £39 and also from Topshop!

I am currently in the middle of putting a vlog together of the day but my laptop just isn’t being a kind soul so I genuinely have no idea when this will be up on our YouTube at the moment, so I apologise in advance… but it’s something to look forward to… right?! *Here’s to hoping, it will be up shortly after this blog post.. although, I currently have NO idea!*

I had the most AMAZING photographer attend my event, she snapped away all day and captured the most amazing images! Her name is Jennifer Louise and you can follow her here: Jennifer Louise Lifestyle Photographer on Facebook and/or Jennifer Louise Photo on Instagram. I will upload some photos below for you to cast an eye over – I was so lucky to find Jennifer – she is such a lovely lady and the pictures looked incredible which of course, I was over the moon with! Thank you so much Jennifer!

I was lucky enough to have my event sponsored by Events by LaylaRai. I have never seen more amazing balloons in my life – this is the third time I had used Events by LaylaRai and once again, I was completely over the moon with the balloons. The balloons get prettier every time, I swear! They fit the theme so well and looked beautiful (and I received many compliments on them!!!). Seriously though, if you need balloons just visit their page: Events by LaylaRai on Facebook and/or Events by LaylaRai on Instagram. I feel so grateful that Events by LaylaRai wanted to be a part of my special day! Thank you Events by LaylaRai!

I also had the prettiest frame which had the words “Brunch Time” written on. Again, I’ll post some action shots of the frame in use. OhSnap Essex were another sponsor for my event and they have the most gorgeous frames to fit all of your special occasions.  Again, you can visit the OhSnap Essex pages here: OhSnap Essex on Facebook or Oh Snap Essex on Instagram! My frame fit perfectly with the pink, girly theme and looked amazing! Thank you OhSnap Essex!

I also had the most amazing sponsors who helped me to make up my goodie bags. The sponsors being (the links for their websites/social media accounts are provided next to the sponsors names): Festival Faces Group – Website and Instagram, Skinnypop – Website and Instagram, Lewis Yates – Website and Instagram, Match your Vibe – Website & Instagram, Kocostar – Website & Instagram, Ardell Lashes – Website & Instagram and Cru Kafe – Website & Instagram! If you subscribe to my YouTube you can find out what was inside the bags as soon as the vlog is up – of course, if you subscribe, you will receive an email notification to let you know when it’s live!! The sponsors were all very kind and completely spoilt all of my Blogging girls. I am so grateful for their support! Thank you all SO much!

And, of course, a huge thank you to all of the girls who attended the event! It wouldn’t have been a success without you girls – I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Photographs of the day (photographs all by: Jennifer Louise Photography)

I had the best day and I am so glad the day ran smoothly. I received the most amazing messages from other Bloggers, PR companies and brands explaining how inspired they were by my event and how lovely it was for me to host something like this off my own back! Obviously, the lovely positive feedback made it 10x more rewarding because other people noticed how much effort I had put into the brunch! I had so many messages asking to be invited if I ever hosted another brunch too… and I cannot count the amount of times I was told it was so lovely to see a bit of “Girl Power” and the fact I am all about “Girl Power” in general – it was just so rewarding and lovely for other people to go out of their way to message me!

Anyway, it’s been great chatting to you but I must get on with editing my video now (as long as my laptop wants to work with me hehe!)

Lots of love

Robynne Louise x

I literally live for fake tan lately, especially in the Winter months.. and of course, I always love testing out new tanning products to see what works best for me.  I can’t remember the last time I stuck to the same fake tan for over a month, until I received the Ferne Beauty tan!

I have always loved Ferne McCann, so I was super excited to be given the opportunity to test and review her own tan range and of course, I was positive this tan wasn’t going to disappoint!

I always exfoliate before I apply my tan as I hate going through the “patchy stage” too soon and if I don’t do this, the tan applies unevenly and looks dirty on my skin instead of it looking nice and natural.

Well, the Ferne Beauty tan applies to the skin evenly and even dries really fast too!
The preparation of your body is key to getting your tan even and perfect and avoid having a tanning nightmare!

I love a natural looking tan, I absolutely HATE the thought of going too over the top and looking orange.  I believe that with time, the ingredients in the tanning products have improved and are a lot better than they used to be… I mean, more natural looking than orange!

The Ferne Beauty tan leaves your skin glowing and gives you a healthy, natural bronzed skin tone, you literally look and feel like a bronzed goddess!!!  A fabulous tan can give you such a confidence boost and this is how I feel!

It’s safe to say, I believe I have finally found my favourite fake tan and one that I’m actually going to stick with!

You can shop my tan here: www.fernebeauty.co.uk!

Big thank you to Ferne and the Ferne Beauty Team for giving me that 10/10 glow – you have changed my life!

Lots of love,

Your “Bronzed Goddess”,

Robynne Louise xxx

I  have received the most gorgeous lashes from A&C Lashes – which you may have already seen on my Instagram!  I chose the “MADISON” style lashes (and no, not JUST because I’m completely obsessed with Madison Beer – hahaha!).  I could just tell these lashes were going to be amazing and definitely my type of lashes!

I actually got my lashes delivered to work as I was just too excited to receive them and couldn’t bear the thought of receiving a text message to say they had been delivered at home.. whilst I had so sit at work for another 5 or so hours(!!!), so as soon as they were delivered, I opened them and was amazed… the lashes looked stunning.. and the packaging was just INSANE!  I sat them in front of me on my desk all day and couldn’t keep my eyes off them!  I am of course, a girly girl and love anything sparkly and glittery.. but when I tell you this packaging was “INSANE”, I literally mean INSANE – I have genuinely never seen any lash packaging as gorgeous as this in my life.  Instead of explaining, I’ll just show you….!

Now we’re on the same page and you understand the point I am trying to make.. I’ll explain the lovely lashes!  The lashes look just ‘wow’ and are definitely the perfect design for someone like me – I love big lashes but lashes that I can wear on a day to day basis!  Nowadays, I only tend to go for long lashes throughout – whereas, a while ago I liked the “start shorter, end longer” style lashes.  I absolutely adore these lashes and can, hand on heart, say these are the most glamorous pair I have ever worn – and trust me, I have used a lot of lashes in my time!

My Madison lashes look and feel amazing and I know I will be able to get good use out of them!  And, who doesn’t love an eyelash compliment?!  Well, every time I have worn my Madison lashes, I have received so many compliments!

As you may have seen on my Instagram, you can get yourself a lil discount by using my code: Robyn10!  To order, all you have to do is click: A&C Lashes and then DM them with your eyelash choice/s and not forgetting to use my code!

I can’t wait to see you using the motto “Lashes Speak Louder Than Words”!  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Lots of love, Robynne Louise x