I’m sure it was the “Mean Girls” theme that caught your eye!! Seriously, a mean girls theme?!?!?!

I attended the Demure Eyelashes Event last Thursday and I’m not sure what caught my eye more… the fact it was an EYELASH event (you’ll know I love my lashes!!!) or the fact it was a “Mean Girls” theme?! FYI: Mean Girls is one of my favourite all time films!

So I turned up to this venue which was super cool, I felt like I had just rocked up to film an episode of Friends! The guys at Demure Lashes went for an apartment type look, which was so unique – I loved it!!! I had a few drinks, mingled with the other bloggers (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen exactly what went on, on my Insta story!) and sat back and embraced the music and the good vibes!!  Of course, being a Mean Girls Theme, everyone had to wear a little bit of pink and you know I love my pink!!!  The DJ was great and picked out some good “tunes” (LOL, why am I cringing at the word “tunes”?!). The ladies at Demure Lashes were total babes, so friendly, warm and welcoming!

 The window ledge was full of goodies and I kept finding myself looking over, thinking WOW! Then… came the point where we were given goodie bags and we were told to pick some bits from the window ledge … you don’t realise how happy this made me – the goodies (lashes, sprays, etc) were amazing!!!, everyone picked out their favourites and carried on partying.

I met up with a few of my “Blogging Babes”, who all looked stunning, Charlotte, Tara, Zayna and Aysen (and Emma arrived later!) which obviously made the event even better for me – it’s so lovely seeing these girls and having a nice, genuine group of friends, who I’ve met through my blogging! I also met some new blogging girls, Katie (who I absolutely love.. and ended up sharing a taxi with that night(!), Sonam, who was literally my sidekick at the event, she is sooooo lovely and sweet(!!!) and Andrea, this girl, I seriously feel like I have met before, she’s just one of those girls that you instantly click with!

So of course, the next day, my Demure Lashes were straight on.. and it’s safe to say, I absolutely love my lashes and will definitely be purchasing some more when I’ve over used mine!!! (I had another event last night and of course, I wore my Demure Lashes.. so check out my Instagram for a picture with them on!!)

Thanks so much to the Demure team! The event was amazing and I had so much fun!!!

I attended the ALXJN (Amelia Lily X Jane Norman) Launch Night at Vanilla in London a few weeks ago.  Let me start by saying, what an event!  The venue was incredible and the night was insane!

Wingfield PR are absolute babes and really pulled it off!  I had the privilege of viewing the Amelia Lily Christmas Collection before it went on sale.  The new collection was gorgeous and there were so many pieces I just wanted to take home!

If you knew me back in the day, you will know how much I absolutely loved Jane Norman growing up.. and to attend a Jane Norman event was a big deal for me!  Throughout my schooling years, I would not go anywhere without my Jane Norman bag(s)… I would buy a new one every single time I went to Lakeside!!!

We were lucky enough to experience an Amelia Lily live performance, enjoy some cocktails and canapes, have fun in the mirrored photobooth, meet the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team and hang out with some well-known celebs.  But, for me, one of the best parts of the night was meeting all of the blogging girls who I have been chatting to on social media for weeks and weeks.  I have made some great friends through the Jane Norman event!!!

Me and the woman of the moment, Amelia Lily!

Me and the loveliest woman in the world, Nadia from Celebs Go Dating!

Me and the beautiful Tilly Keeper from Eastenders!

I love an event anyway, but the best feeling is when you feel welcomed into an environment.  Everyone at the event was so lovely and sweet!  I walked away at the end of the night with a £50 voucher for Jane Norman – do you know how excited this makes me feel?!  I have just ordered the cutest outfits from there and I can’t wait to show you what I ordered!!!

Go check out the Jane Norman website here: Jane Norman and follow them on Instagram here: @janenorman_int.

To see more pictures from the event, check out my Facebook page here: Robynne Louise x!!!

A big thanks to the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team – I had a fabulous night!!!

On 22nd September 2017, my boyfriend and I were invited to the Trendy Hub Launch Party.  Now, if you haven’t already heard about the new up and coming brand “Trendy Hub”… you certainly will do, very soon!

 As you may or may not know, events for different companies are certainly very different, which means you can never expect anything from an invitation.. it’s literally a case of turning up… clueless to what the night will bring!

Now, I can honestly say, I had the best night at the Sky Bar, Grange Hotel in London, celebrating Trendy Hub’s Launch night. It certainly was one to remember. Seeing lots of familiar faces from the previous events and meeting new people, obviously is a bonus, but the guys at Trendy Hub are absolutely amazing too, we felt so welcome and literally like part of the team. Walking out of the lift and being greeted with champagne is bound to make you feel welcome, huh? I mean, I felt like Victoria Beckham being greeted!!!

The venue was beautiful, over looking St Paul’s cathedral was just I N S A N E and just seeing London’s lights at night is always amazing. It reminded me of just how beautiful our city really is. Inside the venue were big bold light up letters which read “TRENDY HUB”.

Trendy Hub kindly provided unlimited sweets and unlimited champagne all night… which was unbelievably generous!

There was a clothes rack at the back of the room with all of the latest trends on the rail. I was going through the clothes and was genuinely saying to my boyfriend “oh my gosh, I want this… and this…. oh and that!”.. typical girl you might say but it’s not everyday I find that many pieces I actually love, want and even NEED! Of course, at a roof top bar, Trendy Hub went all out and even had customised Trendy Hub pillows… they were sooo cute. So cute, that I had to have a picture taken with them!!! Obviously, I loved the flower wall too!!!

One of my favourite things at the Trendy Hub Launch was definitely the donut wall… oh my gosh! The only thoughts going through my mind was “wow, this must be what heaven looks like!” I mean, come on, it doesn’t get better than glittery donuts… right?!

The Trendy Hub sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! Well, we certainly had the best night imaginable! So big thanks to Trendy Hub for inviting us along. I’m so excited for the everyone at Trendy Hub and the brand itself… it really does have a big future ahead. I can’t wait to see the name Trendy Hub all around the world one day, when I will be able to say “I attended their launch night!”… how exciting!!

But girls, definitely check out their Instagram and give them a follow, I can P R O M I S E you, you will not regret it. If you have any questions, they team will definitely be on hand to help, they are just unbelievable, so kind, caring and generous!!!

Make sure you check out the Trendy Hub website here: www.trendyhub.com!

Best of luck and lots of love to Trendy Hub and the team!!!

Did I miss summer this year?! It seems to have flashed before my eyes…. as you will know, Summer is O V E R in the UK (unfortunately)…

But what better way to say goodbye to summer than writing a blog post on Slay Girl Fashion’s BEST Summer bits?!

Slay Girl Fashion certainly lived up to their name, they OFFICIALLY SLAYED Summer!

I’ve picked out my top 5 Summer essentials from Slay Girl Fashion!

5. Lace Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a summer essential, right? But I always struggle to find denim shorts I actually like and that actually fit. Honestly, short shopping is a fear of mine – I struggle to find the perfect fit as my waist is smaller than my booty (lol). But these are super cute and girly. I love the lace – as you will soon realise, I’m a fan of lace!!! But of course, a summer essential of mine!

4. Brooke Crochet Bikini Two Piece

As if this isn’t the cutest bikini you have ever seen? I absolutely love the detail on this bikini. It is SO different and unique. I have never seen a bikini like this before, which makes it that little bit more special. It is simply stunning! It would be a perfect pick for Marbella or Ibiza!!!


3. Mia Off Shoulder Blouse

What a pretttttty lil top, hey? This literally makes me want to go to the beach.. it gives me those beachy vibes! So unique yet pretty. I am a sucker from crop tops – gimme a crop top and I guarantee I like it! I also LOVE off the shoulder tops.. but I’m kinda fussy! This has the cropped look and the off the shoulder look I love, you literally get the best of both worlds (my inner Hannah Montana is shinning through!)

2. Pink Satin Lounge Set

OH MY GOSH. This has got my name written allllll over it!! Barbie pink (my fav) and satin (love!). This is the cutest set I’ve ever seen.. perfect for chilled summer nights on the terrace in Marbella (ahhhh!!!). To sum it up, it’s a bit of me!!!!!!

1. Alyssa Skirt Set

I genuinely don’t know where to start with cute outfit. I rarely buy yellow outfits, let alone like a yellow outfit!! Summer 2017 has definitely brought the yellow out in me! This gives me Beyonće vibes.. it really reminds me of the Roberto Cavalli dress she wore in her “Hold Up” video! This is stunning and perfect for summer! Everything about it.. is a bit of me!!! This is definitely my favourite (even my boyfriend agrees!) from the Slay Girl Fashion website!

I hope while reading this, you reminisced back to Summer 2017 (or what we have of it) and I would love to know your top 5 favourites from the Slay Girl Fashion site! Let me know what you think or whether you agree with me!

Big love to Slay Girl Fashion for giving me the opportunity to be their Blogger Babe of September – what a dream! X

I am back with another Rimmel London blog post (I know you love them, just as much as I do!!)

So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you on my new favourite “bronze & sculpting” Rimmel London products, these can help you achieve a lovely glow ahead of the winter months!!!  When I’ve got a tan, I always feel sooooo much better in myself, especially in the winter months.  This is why I love makeup and tan, you can wear it exactly how you please.

You all know just how much I adore Rimmel London (and still cannot believe, I blog for them!!!!!!), Rimmel London are that drugstore favourite of mine.  I have always owned ridiculous amounts of makeup from Rimmel London and I use most of their products during my daily routine.

Let’s start with……

Radiance Brick

Oh my gosh, this brings me back to my teen days again, I remember buying something very similar to this when I brought my first makeup bag!  This ultra fine bronzing powder can be used to create a cute, shimmery effect but also a gorgeous, healthy glow.  When applying, it adds the most perfect amount of shimmer and bronze, without making it look like you have just plastered mud all over your face!  This is also an absolutely amazing combo because the shades can also be used on other parts of your body (i.e – your arms and legs), to give other areas that glow and shimmer effect.  Oh, and who says you can’t use it as eyeshadow either?

Sunshimmer Instant Tan

Throughout my teen years, I was forever trying different fake tan products and Rimmel London definitely provided me with the best instant fake tan back in the day!  As I could only imagine, their fake tan has improved over time too.. (even though, back in the day, I never would have thought this was humanly possible?!)  So, Sunshimmer Instant Tan is completely streak free (woohoo!) with a fade proof formula and it can be worn in the rain!!!  I am sure, you all know how annoying it is, when you fake tan for a night out (with your instant, wash off tan) and it’s raining outside and you have to go into the club with rain streaks all down your legs, ahhhh I hate those days!!!  Anyway, the Sunshimmer Instant Tan dries almost instantly too (but obviously, allow extra time, just in case!)  It does not transfer on to your clothes and the traditional “fake tan smell” is non-existent.  The fake tan can be washed away after a long 24 hours of wear by using shower gel and warm water.. perfect, or what?!

Kate Sculpting Palette 

I received a “Kate Sculpting Palette” from Rimmel London once before and I am so pleased I have received another one (I have certainly used this more than I can imagine!) Being so small, it is fabulous to just throw in your bag and carry around with you.  This palette is great because you can use just a little colour for a real natural look or you can use more and make more a statement with the bold look.  As Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds.. and here you really do!  The combo of three powder shades (a highlight, shading powder and blush) create a cute, contoured and glowy sort of look!

Insta Duo Contour Stick

The Insta Duo Contour Stick are Rimmel London’s latest discovery… and it is definitely a good discovery too!  Now, an everyday essential,  to “cream” contour and highlight your cheekbones.  Being a creamy formula, it blends amazingly, I have tried this with my beauty blender too and it works great!  I can achieve a defined cheek look and the highlight leaves a dewy and healthy glow to the skin.  They are a great buy, especially for someone who is just learning to use makeup and contouring.  It is a real quick and easy way to contour whilst you are in a rush (like me on a daily basis!)

Well, Rimmel London, have made my life (and my makeup bag) that little more complete, once again.  If you need some quick, easy, drugstore essentials to add to your makeup bag and your daily routine, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Rimmel London section in your local drugstore.

I am also considering posting a YouTube video showing you my bits from Rimmel London… what do you guys think?!