I am so excited to share my new favourite products for a chilled night in… the Kocostar products!!!

I was extremely lucky to receive the chance to review 6 different products from the Kocostar range, I will be telling you all about each product individually and I know you’ve heard it all before but this is certainly one blog post, you cannot afford to miss… especially with Christmas just around the corner!  These are the perfect stocking fillers for your mum, sister/s, nan/s and even your dad!!

Kocostar make easy to use salon quality products to make your skin look and feel young, your hair silky, your feet pretty, your nails sparkly, quickly and affordably!  The instructions for use of these skin care products are stated on the back of each pack.

Long Hair Pack:

First of all, lets talk hair!  I have fairly long hair and I am always struggling to find “the right” treatments for my hair type.  It can get super dry at times, which I absolutely hate!  I have tried everything, including the best serums.

The Long Hair Pack is a nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair.  This hair treatment is specifically designed for long (as it states in the title), dehydrated hair and it is quick and easy to use.  You apply the unique hair wrap infused with a nourishing serum to the hair for just 20 minutes and then rinse out with warm water.  You can leave this on for longer than 20 minutes but this all depends on your hair type.  This leaves your hair looking and feeling super shiny, silky and with a super-soft finish.

Foot Moisture Pack and Foot Peeling Pack:

Two different types of foot masks but both are absolutely amazing and leave your feet feeling, amazing!

The Foot Moisture Pack is a simple, yet effective, innovative mask treatment for dry, over-worked feet, it is a moisturising and soothing treatment that helps replenish your feet and dehydrates feet in just 20 minutes.  This mask quickly improves skin hydration and protects them against dehydrated feet.  You should leave this pack on your feet until all of the serum has been absorbed, this will ensure you get the best results.  This pack leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth and glowing with health.

The Foot Peeling Pack is developed to gently lift away dead skin cells, the pack is an innovative and effective way to achieve silky soft and smooth feet.  It is an intense, soothing treatment of botanicals extracts to exfoliate and repair stressed feet while softening and smoothing the skin’s surface for loveable, touchable feet.  The Foot Peeling pack is best to use whilst you are having a chilled night in.  You should leave this pack on for 90 minutes, to ensure you get the best results.  After use, remove the wrap and rinse with warm water.  This pack is targeted to get rid of that dry feet feeling and take away any dead flaky skin and leave your feet feeling soft and smooth and glowing with health.

Camellia Happy Mask:

The Camellia Happy Mask was the first mask I used.  By mixing the rayon with the extracted oil from the seeds of Japanese Red Camellia, this mask has surprisingly long lasting moisture.  Its pale pink colour helps to look unnoticeable and natural when applied on your face.  To get the best result from this face mask, you apply for 20 minutes.  After removing the mask, you should gently massage your skin and allow the excess serum to penetrate the skin.

Slice Mask Sheet – Cucumber:

The Cucumber Slice Mask Sheet delivers high levels of Vitamin C and helps to maintain the moisture level.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and you can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs wherever necessary.  This mask works to balance the skin and replenish moisture in the dryer areas of the face.  The cucumber shaped patches are each infused with a vitamin rich elixir that works to nourish and replenish the skin for renewed health and vitality.  Again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply to for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using the slice mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  This leaves you feeling fresh and leaving your skin feeling soft.  Of course, it smells lush too, as you can guess, just like cucumber lol!!!

Slice Mask Sheet – Watermelon:

The Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet, hydrates skin and helps to refresh the skin.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs where it’s necessary.  This is an ultra-hydrating twelve piece mask which is designed for dry, dehydrated skin, the slice mask effectively delivers moisture deep into the skin. With twelve individual patches infused with a rich, hydrating elixir, this unique mask allows you to target specific areas or treat the entire face for a youthful and rejuvenated complexion.  Again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using the slice mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  The Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet smells amazing and of course, like watermelon (duh)… this is by far my favourite.  The packing is my favourite too, obviously as pink is my favourite colour and it just looks cute and pretty!

Rose Flower Mask Sheet:

Finally, the Rose Flower Mask Sheet is a facial mask that helps support natural surface cell regeneration for smooth and supple skin.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs where it’s necessary.  This is a collection uniquely designed and is comprised of twelve individual rose petals in a variety of sizes allowing you to target specific areas with intense nourishment.  Infused with a botanically enriched serum the treatment works effectively to boost cell turnover and skin smoothness for a glowing complexion.  Innovative and effective, the petals can be placed on other areas of the body, too, for head to toe beautification.  Once again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply to for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using this mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  I feel this would make such a cute present for a Christmas Eve box or a gift bag as it is such a cute package and looks very classy.

You can shop for these products online at: Kocostar.com or if you are based in the UK you can shop for these on Beauty Bay, Asos or Urban Outfitters and also online at Amazon, Birchbox, Joyus, Memebox, Pop Sugar or Sokoglam.

I know, my blog also has a large following in the USA, so for you lovely Americans, you can shop for these at Anthropologie, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Ricky’s NYC, Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters, American Eagles Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue and Soft Surroundings!

These masks are also sold in Sephora in Australia – amazing, huh?!

I absolutely loved reviewing these Kocostar products and these products will definitely be my ‘go to’ products for a chilled night for a long, long time!!!

How freaking cute are my specs?!

I received a message a little while ago from the Glasseshop.com.  I was asked to review some glasses – this was a very different request for me but I took the opportunity as so many people wear glasses nowadays, so what better way to share my glasses experience with you all?

I wear glasses myself (I don’t need them all the time) but I absolutely love the way glasses have become a fashion statement now!

It used to be seen as “uncool” to wear glasses but it certainly “cool” to wear them now.. and it has actually become a trend?!  Who would have thought all those years ago when I was told I had to wear glasses, that it would actually be trendy to add a pair of specs to your outfit?!  Certainly not me!

I had a browse at all the different types of glasses that GlassesShop.com sell and I found my favourites, the Cary Aviator – Gunmetal!  I LOVE these glasses at the moment, even my little sister (Amelie, for those of you that know her), had a pair before me – but I guess, she is a total “fashionista” so it doesn’t surprise me!!!  Actually, if you watched my 21st Birthday Vlog, you would have seen me wearing Amelie’s!!!

All the trendy and stylish, celebs and bloggers are wearing them… so as soon as I could get my hands on a pair, I took up the opportunity!

The frames are super cute, they are bold and a silver colour.  The quality is fabulous and even better than expected!  You can get the same glasses as me by going to the GlassesShop.com website!  GlassesShop.com have also been kind enough to provide me with a 50% off code (on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses [sale frames excluded]) for my lovely readers which is GSHOT50!  If you need any prescription glasses or just some glasses frames, make sure you use this code for glasses online!

I chose this colour for my glasses because sliver goes with anything and everything!  You can literally add them to any outfit you like! These specs have literally become one of my essentials now!

Big thanks to GlassesShop.com for sending me these cute and chic specs!!!

I’m sure it was the “Mean Girls” theme that caught your eye!! Seriously, a mean girls theme?!?!?!

I attended the Demure Eyelashes Event last Thursday and I’m not sure what caught my eye more… the fact it was an EYELASH event (you’ll know I love my lashes!!!) or the fact it was a “Mean Girls” theme?! FYI: Mean Girls is one of my favourite all time films!

So I turned up to this venue which was super cool, I felt like I had just rocked up to film an episode of Friends! The guys at Demure Lashes went for an apartment type look, which was so unique – I loved it!!! I had a few drinks, mingled with the other bloggers (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen exactly what went on, on my Insta story!) and sat back and embraced the music and the good vibes!!  Of course, being a Mean Girls Theme, everyone had to wear a little bit of pink and you know I love my pink!!!  The DJ was great and picked out some good “tunes” (LOL, why am I cringing at the word “tunes”?!). The ladies at Demure Lashes were total babes, so friendly, warm and welcoming!

 The window ledge was full of goodies and I kept finding myself looking over, thinking WOW! Then… came the point where we were given goodie bags and we were told to pick some bits from the window ledge … you don’t realise how happy this made me – the goodies (lashes, sprays, etc) were amazing!!!, everyone picked out their favourites and carried on partying.

I met up with a few of my “Blogging Babes”, who all looked stunning, Charlotte, Tara, Zayna and Aysen (and Emma arrived later!) which obviously made the event even better for me – it’s so lovely seeing these girls and having a nice, genuine group of friends, who I’ve met through my blogging! I also met some new blogging girls, Katie (who I absolutely love.. and ended up sharing a taxi with that night(!), Sonam, who was literally my sidekick at the event, she is sooooo lovely and sweet(!!!) and Andrea, this girl, I seriously feel like I have met before, she’s just one of those girls that you instantly click with!

So of course, the next day, my Demure Lashes were straight on.. and it’s safe to say, I absolutely love my lashes and will definitely be purchasing some more when I’ve over used mine!!! (I had another event last night and of course, I wore my Demure Lashes.. so check out my Instagram for a picture with them on!!)

Thanks so much to the Demure team! The event was amazing and I had so much fun!!!

I attended the ALXJN (Amelia Lily X Jane Norman) Launch Night at Vanilla in London a few weeks ago.  Let me start by saying, what an event!  The venue was incredible and the night was insane!

Wingfield PR are absolute babes and really pulled it off!  I had the privilege of viewing the Amelia Lily Christmas Collection before it went on sale.  The new collection was gorgeous and there were so many pieces I just wanted to take home!

If you knew me back in the day, you will know how much I absolutely loved Jane Norman growing up.. and to attend a Jane Norman event was a big deal for me!  Throughout my schooling years, I would not go anywhere without my Jane Norman bag(s)… I would buy a new one every single time I went to Lakeside!!!

We were lucky enough to experience an Amelia Lily live performance, enjoy some cocktails and canapes, have fun in the mirrored photobooth, meet the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team and hang out with some well-known celebs.  But, for me, one of the best parts of the night was meeting all of the blogging girls who I have been chatting to on social media for weeks and weeks.  I have made some great friends through the Jane Norman event!!!

Me and the woman of the moment, Amelia Lily!

Me and the loveliest woman in the world, Nadia from Celebs Go Dating!

Me and the beautiful Tilly Keeper from Eastenders!

I love an event anyway, but the best feeling is when you feel welcomed into an environment.  Everyone at the event was so lovely and sweet!  I walked away at the end of the night with a £50 voucher for Jane Norman – do you know how excited this makes me feel?!  I have just ordered the cutest outfits from there and I can’t wait to show you what I ordered!!!

Go check out the Jane Norman website here: Jane Norman and follow them on Instagram here: @janenorman_int.

To see more pictures from the event, check out my Facebook page here: Robynne Louise x!!!

A big thanks to the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team – I had a fabulous night!!!

On 22nd September 2017, my boyfriend and I were invited to the Trendy Hub Launch Party.  Now, if you haven’t already heard about the new up and coming brand “Trendy Hub”… you certainly will do, very soon!

 As you may or may not know, events for different companies are certainly very different, which means you can never expect anything from an invitation.. it’s literally a case of turning up… clueless to what the night will bring!

Now, I can honestly say, I had the best night at the Sky Bar, Grange Hotel in London, celebrating Trendy Hub’s Launch night. It certainly was one to remember. Seeing lots of familiar faces from the previous events and meeting new people, obviously is a bonus, but the guys at Trendy Hub are absolutely amazing too, we felt so welcome and literally like part of the team. Walking out of the lift and being greeted with champagne is bound to make you feel welcome, huh? I mean, I felt like Victoria Beckham being greeted!!!

The venue was beautiful, over looking St Paul’s cathedral was just I N S A N E and just seeing London’s lights at night is always amazing. It reminded me of just how beautiful our city really is. Inside the venue were big bold light up letters which read “TRENDY HUB”.

Trendy Hub kindly provided unlimited sweets and unlimited champagne all night… which was unbelievably generous!

There was a clothes rack at the back of the room with all of the latest trends on the rail. I was going through the clothes and was genuinely saying to my boyfriend “oh my gosh, I want this… and this…. oh and that!”.. typical girl you might say but it’s not everyday I find that many pieces I actually love, want and even NEED! Of course, at a roof top bar, Trendy Hub went all out and even had customised Trendy Hub pillows… they were sooo cute. So cute, that I had to have a picture taken with them!!! Obviously, I loved the flower wall too!!!

One of my favourite things at the Trendy Hub Launch was definitely the donut wall… oh my gosh! The only thoughts going through my mind was “wow, this must be what heaven looks like!” I mean, come on, it doesn’t get better than glittery donuts… right?!

The Trendy Hub sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! Well, we certainly had the best night imaginable! So big thanks to Trendy Hub for inviting us along. I’m so excited for the everyone at Trendy Hub and the brand itself… it really does have a big future ahead. I can’t wait to see the name Trendy Hub all around the world one day, when I will be able to say “I attended their launch night!”… how exciting!!

But girls, definitely check out their Instagram and give them a follow, I can P R O M I S E you, you will not regret it. If you have any questions, they team will definitely be on hand to help, they are just unbelievable, so kind, caring and generous!!!

Best of luck and lots of love to Trendy Hub and the team!!!