Check out my new specs?!

How freaking cute are my specs?!

I received a message a little while ago from the  I was asked to review some glasses – this was a very different request for me but I took the opportunity as so many people wear glasses nowadays, so what better way to share my glasses experience with you all?

I wear glasses myself (I don’t need them all the time) but I absolutely love the way glasses have become a fashion statement now!

It used to be seen as “uncool” to wear glasses but it certainly “cool” to wear them now.. and it has actually become a trend?!  Who would have thought all those years ago when I was told I had to wear glasses, that it would actually be trendy to add a pair of specs to your outfit?!  Certainly not me!

I had a browse at all the different types of glasses that sell and I found my favourites, the Cary Aviator – Gunmetal!  I LOVE these glasses at the moment, even my little sister (Amelie, for those of you that know her), had a pair before me – but I guess, she is a total “fashionista” so it doesn’t surprise me!!!  Actually, if you watched my 21st Birthday Vlog, you would have seen me wearing Amelie’s!!!

All the trendy and stylish, celebs and bloggers are wearing them… so as soon as I could get my hands on a pair, I took up the opportunity!

The frames are super cute, they are bold and a silver colour.  The quality is fabulous and even better than expected!  You can get the same glasses as me by going to the website! have also been kind enough to provide me with a 50% off code (on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses [sale frames excluded]) for my lovely readers which is GSHOT50!  If you need any prescription glasses or just some glasses frames, make sure you use this code for glasses online!

I chose this colour for my glasses because sliver goes with anything and everything!  You can literally add them to any outfit you like! These specs have literally become one of my essentials now!

Big thanks to for sending me these cute and chic specs!!!

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