Mean Girls Theme Eyelash Event… WHAT?!

I’m sure it was the “Mean Girls” theme that caught your eye!! Seriously, a mean girls theme?!?!?!

I attended the Demure Eyelashes Event last Thursday and I’m not sure what caught my eye more… the fact it was an EYELASH event (you’ll know I love my lashes!!!) or the fact it was a “Mean Girls” theme?! FYI: Mean Girls is one of my favourite all time films!

So I turned up to this venue which was super cool, I felt like I had just rocked up to film an episode of Friends! The guys at Demure Lashes went for an apartment type look, which was so unique – I loved it!!! I had a few drinks, mingled with the other bloggers (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen exactly what went on, on my Insta story!) and sat back and embraced the music and the good vibes!!  Of course, being a Mean Girls Theme, everyone had to wear a little bit of pink and you know I love my pink!!!  The DJ was great and picked out some good “tunes” (LOL, why am I cringing at the word “tunes”?!). The ladies at Demure Lashes were total babes, so friendly, warm and welcoming!

 The window ledge was full of goodies and I kept finding myself looking over, thinking WOW! Then… came the point where we were given goodie bags and we were told to pick some bits from the window ledge … you don’t realise how happy this made me – the goodies (lashes, sprays, etc) were amazing!!!, everyone picked out their favourites and carried on partying.

I met up with a few of my “Blogging Babes”, who all looked stunning, Charlotte, Tara, Zayna and Aysen (and Emma arrived later!) which obviously made the event even better for me – it’s so lovely seeing these girls and having a nice, genuine group of friends, who I’ve met through my blogging! I also met some new blogging girls, Katie (who I absolutely love.. and ended up sharing a taxi with that night(!), Sonam, who was literally my sidekick at the event, she is sooooo lovely and sweet(!!!) and Andrea, this girl, I seriously feel like I have met before, she’s just one of those girls that you instantly click with!

So of course, the next day, my Demure Lashes were straight on.. and it’s safe to say, I absolutely love my lashes and will definitely be purchasing some more when I’ve over used mine!!! (I had another event last night and of course, I wore my Demure Lashes.. so check out my Instagram for a picture with them on!!)

Thanks so much to the Demure team! The event was amazing and I had so much fun!!!

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