“As time goes by I won’t forget, That you were my beloved pet..”

On 22nd September 2014, we had to say our goodbyes to our handsome boy.  It’s been a very hard and emotional time the past few days but I wanted to write a little tribute to him as he meant so much to all of us.  He had an impact on many peoples lives, some at first were scared but they soon realised what a little softie he really was.  A strong dog, who would never show any fear.  Our guard and our protector.  He used to wait up for me to come home, whether it was 11pm or 2am, as soon as I would come in, he would come to see me.. follow me up the stairs, then sit and wait outside my door until my lights went out.  I would hear him go up the stairs to my mum and dad’s room, thats when my parents knew I was home safe and sound.  He would sit in the kitchen whilst mum made dinner every night and when we were loading the dishwasher he would always be there trying to lick the plates and the cutlery before they were cleaned.  I will always remember when we went to pick a dog, we walked in and one puppy really stood out for me.  He followed me everywhere I went and just wanted to be next to me.  That’s why we chose him.  That’s when we knew he was the perfect dog for us.  He protected me from that day and as my younger sisters grew older, he done the same for them.  He is an unforgettable dog and used to do the funniest of things.

Life isn’t the same same without him, 

He has left a massive hole in our hearts.  

Although we will never forget him, 

everyday is still so hard.  

We know he wouldn’t want us to be upset,

but we had to put him first.  

We never wanted to watch him suffer,

because he was just the best. 

I feel like I have lost a brother, a guard and my best friend.  He was the best dog we could of asked for.  I am still finding things so hard, we all are.  But we never wanted to watch him suffer, he didn’t deserve that.  He was such a good dog, so we could never put him through it.   He was with us for 13 years and had the best life he could have possibly had.  But I still miss him like mad.  I can’t help but think about him every hour, of every day.  I understand why we had to do what we done.  But obviously, I wish we could go back and change things.  But that’s life, one day we will be reunited for sure.  Until then, I know he is still with me and my family,  I know it.

I love you Buster boy, forever and always. 


  1. Dawn
    6th October 2014 / 8:44 pm

    Aw that is so lovely xxx

    • Robyn
      7th October 2014 / 6:34 pm

      Thank you so much!!! xxx

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