On 22nd September 2017, my boyfriend and I were invited to the Trendy Hub Launch Party.  Now, if you haven’t already heard about the new up and coming brand “Trendy Hub”… you certainly will do, very soon!

 As you may or may not know, events for different companies are certainly very different, which means you can never expect anything from an invitation.. it’s literally a case of turning up… clueless to what the night will bring!

Now, I can honestly say, I had the best night at the Sky Bar, Grange Hotel in London, celebrating Trendy Hub’s Launch night. It certainly was one to remember. Seeing lots of familiar faces from the previous events and meeting new people, obviously is a bonus, but the guys at Trendy Hub are absolutely amazing too, we felt so welcome and literally like part of the team. Walking out of the lift and being greeted with champagne is bound to make you feel welcome, huh? I mean, I felt like Victoria Beckham being greeted!!!

The venue was beautiful, over looking St Paul’s cathedral was just I N S A N E and just seeing London’s lights at night is always amazing. It reminded me of just how beautiful our city really is. Inside the venue were big bold light up letters which read “TRENDY HUB”.

Trendy Hub kindly provided unlimited sweets and unlimited champagne all night… which was unbelievably generous!

There was a clothes rack at the back of the room with all of the latest trends on the rail. I was going through the clothes and was genuinely saying to my boyfriend “oh my gosh, I want this… and this…. oh and that!”.. typical girl you might say but it’s not everyday I find that many pieces I actually love, want and even NEED! Of course, at a roof top bar, Trendy Hub went all out and even had customised Trendy Hub pillows… they were sooo cute. So cute, that I had to have a picture taken with them!!! Obviously, I loved the flower wall too!!!

One of my favourite things at the Trendy Hub Launch was definitely the donut wall… oh my gosh! The only thoughts going through my mind was “wow, this must be what heaven looks like!” I mean, come on, it doesn’t get better than glittery donuts… right?!

The Trendy Hub sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! Well, we certainly had the best night imaginable! So big thanks to Trendy Hub for inviting us along. I’m so excited for the everyone at Trendy Hub and the brand itself… it really does have a big future ahead. I can’t wait to see the name Trendy Hub all around the world one day, when I will be able to say “I attended their launch night!”… how exciting!!

But girls, definitely check out their Instagram and give them a follow, I can P R O M I S E you, you will not regret it. If you have any questions, they team will definitely be on hand to help, they are just unbelievable, so kind, caring and generous!!!

Make sure you check out the Trendy Hub website here:!

Best of luck and lots of love to Trendy Hub and the team!!!

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