On 1st September 2017,  we lost our beautiful baby girl, Buffy.  The past few days, I have felt completely empty.  I have never felt a feeling like loosing my dogs.  My heart has officially been broken twice now, due to the loss of two of my beautiful doggy friends – but the reassuring thing is, they are back together now.

Now, if you know me, you would know exactly how much my Buffy means to me.  She was F O R E V E R on my snapchat/instagram/facebook because I loved showing everyone how amazing and beautiful she really was.  She really was special, especially to me and she will always have a place in my heart.

It always hits me hard, when a dog passes away anyway, but when it’s my own, it takes me a long time to get over it.  I absolutely love dogs anyway, there is genuinely no better pet.  A dog isn’t just a “dog”..  a dog is part of your family which is something those who do not/have not had a dog will not understand.

Buffy was different to just any old dog mind you.  She was more like a human being, she used to show more love and affection than an actual person would.  She would even smile when she was happy, you could see a little grin on her face and the sides of her mouth would get higher and higher, the happier she was.  We really had a bond, like no other.  If I had, had a bad day or I was upset at all, it’s really like she got a vibe from me.. she would be waiting for me to come home and would not leave my side for the rest of the night, she would shower me in kisses and cuddle up to me all night.

My sisters and I would fight over her, E V E R Y single night because we all wanted her to sleep in OUR bedroom.  I am normally up the latest mind you, so I normally snuck her out when Georgia and Amelie were asleep (hehe).

Buffy was the most loving, kind and caring dog you could ever meet.  She had such a lovely temperament and anyone who would meet her, whether it was at home or in the town centre, would adore her.  She was so beautiful, inside and out.

Buffy is an unforgettable dog and will remain in my heart forever.  She really was my best friend.  She used to love my singing, she used to sit and listen and just wag her tail at me (which I loved, as not many other people like my singing!!!) I used to sit and rant to her for hours because she would look at me with so much love in her eyes and it felt like she really was listening to me.  I used to tell her I loved her and she would mumble back to me, which I have always believed was her telling me she loves me too.  My life feels incomplete without her and I feel so lost, but she is in a better place and is not suffering anymore.

Life isn’t the same same without her, 

She has left a massive hole in our hearts.  

Although we will never forget her, 

everyday is still so hard.  

We know she wouldn’t want us to be upset,

but we had to put her first.  

We never wanted to watch her suffer,

because she was just the best. 

I feel like I have lost my right arm, my sister and my best friend.  She was one in a million and we would never get a more loving and beautiful baby girl than our Buffy.   We couldn’t sit and watch her suffer, she didn’t deserve that.  She was my little baby.   She was with us for 12 years and she had the best life she could have possibly had.  But I still miss her like mad.  I can’t help but think about her every second, of every day.  I understand why we had to do what we done.  But obviously, I wish we could have our beautiful baby Buffy back.

♡ Sleep tight my beautiful Buffy girl, I love you forever ♡

♡ 18.04.2005 – 01.09.2017 ♡

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