Rimmel London, back again… blessing my life!

Rimmel London have blessed my life yet again, with another new mascara. This is now OFFICIALLY my favourite Rimmel London mascara – I know it sounds like I say this every time but seriously, they just keep getting better and better.

“Volume Shake Mascara” is a mascara that you shake to ensure it is always fresh and never dries out. This mascara features a first-to-market patented shaker system that refreshes the formula, every single time you use it. When you shake the mascara it has this really satisfying sound too (or.. maybe I’m just a little strange?!)

This mascara is great for volume and depth of colour. It is a must try mascara. You will not be disappointed!

This mascara is a fairly creamy formula, which helps me to get my lashes into the shape I want without drying super fast, I can add as many coats as I like.. without it crumbling AND it’s clump-free.. amazing huh?!

Lashes are a really important thing in my daily makeup routine. I love having natural but bold eyelashes, day in, day out.. It’s a MUST buy! Let me know what you think too!!!

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