Pieces of Precious – Gifts and Accessories

How cute are these mugs my boyfriend & I were sent from Pieces of Precious.  I have always loved these couple mugs and I am so happy to officially be the owner of my own now haha!!  But really.. I am so unbelievably fussy when it comes to mugs.  I always have to have my own mug.. which nobody else is allowed to use!!! 

I discovered Pieces of Precious on Instagram and always find myself scrolling down their feed to see what new bits they have in stock.  Pieces of Precious are a newly founded company with the most amazing gifts.  They sell so many cute and chic gifts, from baby gifts to wedding gifts to wall plaques and mugs/glasses, you will find gifts for literally every occasion!

I am totally in love with the new wall plaques and cute little coasters that are in stock!!  But honestly, these mugs are literally my favourite thing in the world (even if it does make us look slightly big headed – lol).  These mugs could be the perfect gift for an anniversary or moving in gift!! Make sure you grab yours now at: Pieces of Precious and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram: @piecesofprecious. 

And, of course, as you may already know, I am a sucker for good customer service… and the guys behind the scenes of Pieces of Precious are sooooo unbelievably lovely, friendly and super caring too.  They have the best customer service and they will always find the best ways to satisfy your every need. 

Big thanks to Pieces of Precious, you guys are the best!!!

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