Only 1 Matte Lipstick: Rimmel London

Have you checked out Rimmel London’s latest lipstick collection “Only 1 Matte Lipstick”?! Well, in actual fact, there’s not only 1 lipstick, there are 9 lipsticks to collect from this range!!!

Rimmel London’s brand new collection includes the most beautiful colours to suit us all, ranging from nudes to reds to purples, to match any occasion and outfit.

My favourite lipstick tones are the nudes and pinks… mainly because I have quite pale skin, so I do not tend to wear extremely bright colours. Although, I will occasionally put on a red lipstick – well, this is only when I am wearing my red Arsenal shirt!!

However, I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try all of the colours, I wouldn’t normally purchase myself… this being the browns and purples!!!

There is a rich and creamy formula which unusually for matte lipsticks makes it super easy to apply, which is great as it doesn’t dry your lips out. It also smells AMAZING, so every time I apply my lipstick, I have to have a smell of it first, it is just lush!! I do feel as though when the lipsticks are actually applied they look slightly different to the colour on the lipstick, so before purchasing I would probably test it first to make sure it is exactly what you are going looking for.

So, I applied all of the lipsticks (obviously one at a time) and took a few snaps to share with you. This may not be useful for everyone but this could potentially give you a little feel for the lipstick colours once they have been applied.

Salute: 200

Without even trying the lipsticks, I knew Salute (200) would be my favourite, it is a pretty, nude colour pink. This is my day to day lipstick, I literally do not leave the house without it. I’m literally obsessed with the matte finish and the end results. It never looks too much and it looks just enough for my every day lipstick.

High Flyer: 610

High Flyer is a really cute red, which isn’t too dark or too bright, it just gives you the cute rosy red lip look. This colour is one you could wear everyday and not make you look “too over dressed”.

Leader Of The Pink: 110

Leader Of The Pink is really pretty and girly, which is perfect for a pale skin tone (like mine). It really stands out and looks so cute, obviously this won’t be everyones cup of tea but for me, I like my lipstick to be noticeable but I also like a nice subtle tone.

Call The Shots: 120

Call The Shots is a darker pink, although it looks different applied to the actual lipstick colour. I love a hot pink colour, so this has to be one of my favourites! I don’t find it too dark for my skin tone, I feel it is just perfect!

Taking The Stage: 500

Taking The Stage is the dark red from the collection. I do really like this kind of red, although it is only a special occasion type of lipstick, red isn’t a colour I would wear on a day to day basis as it is too bold and bright for me but it is a lovely vibrant red.

Trendsetter: 700

Trendsetter is a real nude colour, it’s very natural and pretty. This is a colour I would wear on a day to day basis and it is still super cute, as I mentioned previously, I like it to be noticeable but not too noticeable if I am wearing it in my every day life.

Run the Show: 800

Run the Show is the purple that I wasn’t keen on at first, funnily enough, my opinion completely changed when I applied it. It was actually a lot nicer than I ever thought it would be and I actually quite like the purple. It’s not something I would wear all the time, but it is very different to my normal colours and isn’t overly bright.

The Matte Factor: 810

The Matte Factor when applied is darker than I thought it would be from the lipstick colour . It’s a little too dark for my skin tone, this was the only lipstick I wasn’t overly keen on. I think where I am fair with blonde hair, it makes me more look very pale. Think this would suit someone with a darker skin tone and hair colour.

Look Who’s Talking: 750

Look Who’s Talking, again, this isn’t my favourite, I feel this is a little too dark for my skin tone, but it was great to test out and try. This is a really dark red which isn’t something I would wear myself, again it would suit someone a little darker.

I cannot stress enough how amazing these lipsticks are. Girls, they are a must buy and a fabulous little gift for your friends and family too. They are my favourite lipsticks and I know you’ll love them as much as I do!!!

P.s: Thank you again to Rimmel London for sending me more of your gorgeous products.
I seriously cannot believe I have been lucky enough to blog for Rimmel London, again!!!

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