Rimmel London – New Scandaleyes Range

I was so freaking excited to receive a parcel from Rimmel London, especially when it was totally unexpected!!!

I excitedly opened this cute bright orange envelope…… I literally had NO idea what was going to be inside.
There were 2 brand new mascaras, 2 new eyeliners & an information booklet (with the beautiful Cara Delivenge on the front) from Rimmel’s new Scandaleyes range.Oh my gosh, I didn’t think Rimmel could produce a better mascara but these mascaras are now my new favourites, there are two different types.  The first one is perfect for day to day wear, wearing around the office when you don’t want to over do your lashes and the other is perfect for nights out or when you want to look a bit more glam!

They are both unbelievable in their own way, I love them and wouldn’t wear anything else now (and I’m not just saying that, I literally wouldn’t!!!)

I always struggle to find a mascara I actually like.  I have fairly long eyelashes but they are SO fair, so I like them to be quite black and of course stand out, but I absolutely HATE them looking “clumpy”.  This mascara works perfectly with my eyelashes.. they are just meant to be!!!

The eyeliners work the same way, you have one for a thinner day time look and the other one is a little thicker so would be great for nights out.

I always struggle to find a half decent liquid eyeliner too, but obviously Rimmel have worked their magic again and this is something that is sooo easy to use.  Honestly, I rarely have the patience to apply liquid eyeliner on my top eyelid but these eyeliners just flow and are so easy and quick to use.

(Also, a HUGE thank you to Rimmel London for giving me this unbelievable opportunity to blog for you.. it is such a privilege!!!!!!!)

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