The Other Kingdom – Coming to Nickelodeon

Have you ever wanted to be “fairy different?”… Like a Princess? Or a Fairy? 

I have and used to pretend when I was younger.  It’s been quite a few years ago now so you can imagine my delight when Nickelodeon approached me and asked me to become a fairy!!!!  They kindly sent me a cute little box with lots of props and makeup to create this look.  

I felt like a little girl again!

You’re probably thinking, why has Nickelodeon provided Robyn with these “fairy princess” props?  Well, you may have already seen it advertised, as I have (and so has my little sister, who is extremely excited for Nickelodeon’s new programme and for me to blog for Nickelodeon!!!).  There is a new programme which is to premiere on Monday 8th August 2016 (put it in your diary’s!!!)  This new programme is called “The Other Kingdom“.  The Other Kingdom is a brand-new fantasy series which follows a fairy called Princess Astral who takes human form and enters the mortal work for just 90 days. 

Living in a secret kingdom full of mythical creatures and magical beings sounds pretty cool, huh?  Well, Fairy Princess Astral would much prefer to live with humans, where kids her age belong, in high school!  Fairy Princess Astral (who is played by Esther Zynn) is a curious and headstrong young girl who is fascinated by humans and the human life.  She has a once in a lifetime experience which is to experience life as a human and she is obviously very excited.  

Below, you will find four of the main characters!

(Fairy Princess Astral)




Fairy Princess Astral has always desired to live in the human world and now, we get to follow her on her journey!  But, leaving her magical home in the Fairy Kingdom of Athenia could be tricky, as Astral must keep her identity a secret!!!  Obviously, if you are a fairy princess, you are not going to understand the human world – she’s got to live the “normal” human life and discover many things, including what a “selfie” is!  Fairy Princess Astral will find it extremely hard to fit in.. Well, of course she will, she is a fairy!!! 

Astral has been secretly admiring a young boy, Tristan.  Astral’s parents (the King and Queen of Athenia) are concerned by this but Astral manages to convince them in letting her live her life as a human.. it is only for 90 days!!!  Fortunately, her new best friend Morgan keeps her secret and helps Astral in keeping her incredibly strong fairy powers in check.  Astral, unfortunately, attracts jealousy from Hailey who is Astral’s rival.  Hailey seems to think that there is something different about Astral to any other human and is determined to find out exactly what it is. 

I am looking forward to following Fairy Princess Astral on her journey and adventure and I am excited to see what happens next, to discover whether Astral can keep her identify hidden for those 90 days of living her life as a human and to find whether her secret powers are exposed!!!

Here’s my Fairy Princess Astral makeover!!!

I really enjoyed using the props provided to create a “Fairy Princess” look.

The Other Kingdom premieres on Monday 8th August 2016 at 6:30pm – don’t miss it!


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