Life & Change

I find change really hard at the best of times, but when you are moving away from all of your childhood memories, it makes it twice as hard.

You’d think, moving house would be exciting right?  Not for me.  I find it extremely hard to hide my feelings anyway.  I seem to make things harder for myself and think negatively rather than positively.  So unlike most people, I was absolutely devastated to be having a change of scenery in my life.

But in life, things change.. and sometimes, it’s actually for the best.

A fresh start has done me the world of good, I’ve been able to forget the past and put it all behind me (which in actual fact – I thought I would struggle to do).. and I am the happiest I have ever been.

Unfortunately, for my blogging side of things.. this has been the busiest time of my life but I will eventually be up to speed and ready to blog regularly again.


So, what I am trying to say is.. NEVER think negatively about situations, always think positively.

You never know.. it could be the best decision of your life xxx



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