The Original Tansie!

If you are like me.. then you love being a tanned princess!!!  Being tanned makes me feel so much happier and more confident!!  I am naturally very pale (as you probably remember me saying before) and obviously, living in England, you’re not going to get a “natural tan” in the winter when it’s about -40 outside!!!

I tend to go home every night, have a shower and put my moisturiser on (which is also a gradual tan), I then find myself drying oft with a hairdryer.. and the worst thing is, I still feel all sticky.  I don’t enjoy tanning when it’s cold as you either have to walk around half naked at home or you have to visit a salon, freeze to death leaving the place and then end up curled up in warm clothes (meaning ruined tan!!)

Or another really annoying thing about tanning is when you wake up in the morning and your bed sheets are covered in tan!!!

So, I have something that can help with these issues!!


You are probably thinking, what an earth is she talking about but, trust me!!!

This cute and simple onesie has been designed to cover all of your needs when it comes to tanning.  All you have to do is tan and then pop your Original Tansie on and then you can sit back and relax.

This means, there’s absolutely no need to ruin your tan and no need to run around searching for your old tanning clothes, which could be too hot and could cause you to sweat, meaning your tan will run.. Or it could be far too tight which means could cause steak marks!!!

The design and material is fab and so simple.  A loose fitting design, with no cuffs or elasticated waist and one single zip fastening.  Plus the disposable style multi layered fabric, that helps to dry your tan quicker and covers all of you to ensure no stain marks!

The Original Tansie is the one tanning accessory every fake tan obsessed prince or princess needs in their life!!!

To purchase yourself an Original Tansie for ONLY £7.50, check out The Original Tansie’s official website here!

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