My skin is very important to me.. I try my best to look after my skin.  Spots were honestly my worst enemy growing up (as I am sure they are for a lot of young girls and boys!!!)

But, spots are just spots.  Everyone gets them, just some worse than others.. we should just accept that! I have always been quite lucky and have never suffered badly with acne but it was still a big deal for me growing up.  I used to be extremely paranoid about my spots, but as I have got older, I realise there is a lot worse in life than some little spots on my face!!! Although, I was recently asked to review some “Help: Clear Skin” supplements.. so of course, I jumped at the chance. I’m not normally one to believe a sachet of powder actually helps spots, but honestly they are a blessing.  I used them for 14 days straight and I really did notice a difference.  The few spots I had on my face at the time disappeared quite rapidly and I had no more appear while I was taking these.  This was amazing and it was like Christmas had come early!!!  As soon as I ran out of sachets, spots started to appear again! You know, sometimes you wonder what the sachet’s will taste like, you think they are probably gross and really hard to take.  Well in this instance, not at all, the powder was tasteless, which makes life a whole lot easier and I added it to a glass of water everyday and the process was easy!  So I was then drinking a glass of a water (to help reduce spots) and taking a sachet (which reduces spots!)  It was great!

I can honestly recommend these supplements, it’s so simple and quick.  You can grab yourself some here: Works With Water.. Help: Clear Skin

You can choose from a sachet pack of 14 for £22.94 or a sachet pack of 28 for £39.95!


If you do suffer with acne or you are like I was “paranoid about my skin” is so worth trying!

I found that my skin looked much clearer, brighter and healthier. 


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