Guide to a girls night in!!

1. First things first, you need wine.

2. Make sure there’s lots of goodies, pizza, crips, chocolate and sweets, sound about right!
3. A chick flick has to be the best option for a girly night in?!
4. Pillow fights only happen in movies? Right.. But you must have face masks at the ready!
5. You’ll need some killer nightwear (check out my last post to find out Missguided’s new collection!),
6. Get a phone at the ready, because you’re going to have to take loads of selfies?!
7. Get a playlist at the ready, you can’t have a night without music!!! (Add some old school songs to the list!)
8. Get the vodka jellies at the ready.. Oh and some shots will be just fine! Play some games like “I would never”
9. Gossip.. You need to go to a girls night with some gossip, isn’t that what the nights all about anyway?!
10. And.. Make sure you don’t have to be up early in the morning!!!!

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