3 Tips To Help Vegans Find Beauty Products

Veganism is much more than just a trend, and many people are deciding to adopt this lifestyle. People that go vegan will avoid consuming any animal products at all. This means they don’t eat meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. However, some vegans also decide to go full-vegan and avoid any products that may have ingredients from animals in them. As such, it can be pretty hard to find beauty products that you can use.

If you’re vegan and struggling to get your hands on vegan-friendly beauty products, then this is the article for you. Below, you’ll find a few simple tips that will help you figure out what you can and can’t buy: 

Google it!

It sounds obvious, but this is a great place to start your vegan beauty products journey. Head online and start searching for things like vegan haircare, vegan makeup, vegan moisturiser, and so on. If you’re at home, then this is the easiest way to find some of the best products around. Oh, don’t forget to check the online reviews as well. You’ll find plenty of products when you run a search, so see what other people think about them to find the absolute top ones around. 

Check the label

Now, if you’re in a shop searching for vegan beauty products, then you might not have time to Google everything you see. Instead, you should just check the labels of any products you like. There are a couple of key things to do when you check. Firstly, look for any writing that says ‘vegan-approved’ or ‘vegan-friendly’. If you see this, then you can use the products without worrying about the ingredients. It’s also worth looking to see a Vegan Society sign anywhere. Not all products need to have this sign on them to be vegan, but it helps!

Secondly, look at the ingredients to see if there are any things that stand out. Sometimes, a product can have no animal products but won’t advertise itself as vegan. This is rare, but you should still look at the ingredients to see what you’re putting on or in your body. If you’re ever unsure about one particular ingredient, then don’t take the risk. 

Follow vegan bloggers

Lastly, you can try and find the latest and best vegan beauty products by following vegan bloggers. There are loads out there, and some will blog about food, while others blog about fashion or beauty or fitness. Either way, you will likely find out about beauty products if you follow as many as possible. Most bloggers like to advertise or promote the different products they use, so it’s worth finding a few to follow, particularly on Instagram. 

That’s all there is to it! If you want to commit to the vegan lifestyle and remove all animal products from your world, then follow these tips to take care of the beauty side of things. It will be harder to find products than usual, but you can definitely get your hands on quality items for your hair, skin, face, and body.

Lots of love,

Robynne Louise x


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