Prestige Gifting Hamper Review

I absolutely love Christmas and I get so excited knowing I am on the hunt for gifts as I love to spoil those close to me!  My favourite gifts have always been more personal and personalised gifts: I am a total sucker for these sort of gifts.  I prefer buying others more personalised gifts because I know, whatever the item, if it is more personal, the person you are buying for will never forget who bought it for them and I think this always means more to someone than just a regular present.  I am the type of person who would much rather a personalised frame with memories of my life than an £800 YSL bag!

When I was asked to review a Prestige Gifting Hamper, I was so excited as I find hampers can be very personal gifts: especially the Prestige Gifting Hampers!  I actually received one a few years ago from my work and still to this day, I believe it was one of the best presents I have ever received!  I love how you can tailor them to suit a specific person, whether it is the fact they like cheese and wine or chocolate and biscuits, you are able to purchase one to suit every persons needs.

In my hamper from Prestige Gifting, I received the following:-

Irish Cream Fudge, Organic All Butter Oat & Raisin Cookie, Natural Crackers, Rosehip Crisp Fine English Biscuits, Orange and Cranberry Mini Biscuits, Hazelnuts & Agen Plum Toast, Chocolate Infused Lavender and Fresh Raspberry Creams.

I must be honest, I haven’t tried all of the above items as I really wanted to save some for Christmas Day to share with my family but for the items I have tried, they are absolutely delicious: especially the fudge!   As you can imagine, I was so pleased with the items in my hamper (as the items inside were all a total surprise).

I have since had a scroll through the Prestige Gifting website and found some really cute Christmas hampers that would make the most amazing gift for your loved ones and it is only £29.99 (see image below): 

(How cute?!)

I would definitely recommend checking out Prestige Gifting’s website ( as there are so many hampers to choose from and I am 100% sure that you will find hampers perfect for your Mums, Nans, Sisters, Aunties, Cousins etc!  Everyone loves a hamper – especially when the hamper is a reasonable price!

Happy Hamper Shopping my lovelies! 

Lots of love,

Robynne Louise x

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