Amsterdam and the Westcord Fashion Hotel

In February 2018, I travelled to Amsterdam for a long weekend.  Of course, I had heard lots of good things from my friends and family visiting Amsterdam but I was still unsure whether this city was going to be my ‘thing’.  I realised that Amsterdam was most definitely my ‘thing’ when I looked into changing our flights home and booking another nights stay!  I had the best time away and I am already planning our next trip back!

I was lucky enough to stay in a really beautiful hotel, the Westcord Fashion Hotel.  I stayed just outside of the busy city centre and it was absolutely perfect for me.  The staff at the hotel were all really sweet and attentive and as soon as I arrived, I just knew that I was going to enjoy my stay!  Obviously, the hotel name appealed to me as I adore Fashion, so I couldn’t wait to see the hotel for myself and it is safe to say, google images do not do it justice!

(Just me looking like a cool kid showing off the cutest hotel everrrrrr!)

The hotel staff were so helpful when it came to sticking with some sort of budget that I tried to put in place – I queried the best way to get into the city centre and they told us the tram was the best option for me, which they then proceeded to provide us with the option for a tram pass for just 25 euros per person (this price was for my travel on the trams from the beginning to the end of my trip – completely unlimited but for a certain amount of travelling hours) – this worked out so much cheaper than taxis and ubers!

On arrival, I kindly received two spa vouchers – this meant that I was able to use the pool and sauna during my stay.  This was a lovely touch that I did not expect at all!

When I entered my room, I found a lovely note from the Westcord Fashion Hotel, along with two bottles of water and two colourful macaroons which was really cute!  My room was really beautiful too – so beautiful that I could have happily visited Amsterdam and stayed in the hotel the whole time!  I stayed in a very modern looking room which was huge.

As I suffer with my back, it is good to mention that the beds were extremely comfortable too.  I have already recommended the Westcord Fashion Hotel to a number of friends, family and even strangers.  It is safe to say, the hotel is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in and you should definitely consider staying there if you are thinking about visiting Amsterdam!

I didn’t have any issues at the hotel at all, so we didn’t need to contact them for anything in particular but I know that if I did have any problems or issues, they would have been there straight away to offer a helping hand and an outstanding service – they were all very relaxed and welcoming, which of course, makes the whole hotel experience that much better.

Anyway, I normally prefer my beach holidays, so to be doing the whole “tourist” thing was quite new to me but I really enjoyed it!  I felt like Dora the Explorer walking around with my google maps for the first few hours but as soon as I found my bearings, I could get from A to B with no issues at all!  It was really lovely to explore and experience Amsterdam!

I am what they call a “happy snapper“, I love a picture or 4328573(!), so thankfully, I managed to capture lots of images, of both me and the scenery!

Day 1

On the first day, I visited a number of places but first of all I stopped off for a Mccy D’s burger!!!  Then we headed to “Body Worlds” – this was really interesting and so weird to see actual bodies and body parts in the museum.  No one ever believes me when I explain that they are all real people who had chosen to be added to the museum after they passed away – I had to ask the lady on reception to confirm this anyway (it’s not like I usually joke about things like this mind you?! Lol!) but I would definitely recommend that you visit the museum – it is well worth it.

Then I headed to the S*x Museum, I found this really boring and I am glad it was only 5 euros per person to enter as it was definitely not worth any more than that – it is one of the busiest tourist hotspots but personally, I wouldn’t recommend it!

Then, I headed to the canal to take some pictures for Instagram.. I got some lovely shots of the scenery and enjoyed just watching the boats pass by.  The Bulldog Cafe was just beside the canal so I had to go and check out this tourist hotspot, especially as I was told the milkshakes were to die for, but I beg to differ… they were nice but not the best I have ever had!

I wasn’t sure what I fancied for dinner that night so I went for something fairly small at a cute restaurant and that concluded my first day, I then headed back to make the most of our gorgeous hotel – I wanted to get an early night in order to make the most of our few days in Amsterdam.

Day 2

I started off by stopping off for breakfast in the city, I had a full English breakfast which was okay but not as good as my mum’s!!  I actually can’t remember the name of the restaurant (so it wasn’t worth recommending clearly!).

I then made my way to the canal to have another one of our daily photoshoots (I mean, you need to have an OOTD shoot in front of the canal on a daily basis, right?!).

I then had a walk around for a while and then decided to catch a canal ride – this was honestly one of my highlights of the trip and definitely something you need to do while you are visiting Amsterdam – it was super quiet on our boat so it was pretty relaxing and very interesting and yup, you guessed it… I had yet another photoshoot on the boat (lol)!!!  On my boat trip we passed Anne Frank’s house which is something we did really want to visit, unfortunately, I didn’t realise you have to book months and months in advance and you can now only book online (top tip – make sure you BOOK online, if you are planning on visiting Anne Frank’s house anytime soon!).  The canal ride lasted around an hour, so I saw lots of places I hadn’t seen before.  I think I would generally go back to Amsterdam just to do another canal ride!!!

I had seen on Instagram previously a café called “Bulls and Dogs” which I had been dying to visit from the moment I stepped off the plane!  This was certainly another highlight of the trip… the milkshakes didn’t only look absolutely incredible, they tasted even better – it was like heaven in a glass, honestly, that is the best way to describe it!  If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you would have seen me post the boomerang on my story… I actually walked an hour to find the café but it was well worth it – I basically worked off the calories I gained in milkshakes!!!  This is a MUST visit if you are in Amsterdam – it is only a 10 minute tram journey from the city centre too (which I discovered when I headed back to the centre) so I suggest you tram it rather than walk it, like I did!!!

Another Blogger hotspot I had seen on Instagram was the “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous” wall… I was actually pretty disappointed with this, as I did expect much more than just a bench in front of a wall with the quote – I am still of course, glad I saw it and had some pictures for the gram in front of it!  I saw it in the dark unfortunately, so there were lots of drunk people around and two drunk people who would not leave the bench in order for me to have my pictures at first – but if you do visit this in the dark, make sure you stay safe around those areas at night as they aren’t very well lit!

I then visited CAU to try their steak – I had so many recommendations for this steak restaurant but I must say it is a little overrated, don’t get me wrong, it was lovely but the portions were tiny for the amount I paid!  I do love my steak too.

I wandered around the Red Light District after the  meal, which was erm… interesting to say the least and again, headed back to the hotel fairly early.  When I got back to the hotel, I wandered around to see what I could find and of course, out came the video camera (yup, you heard it here first… I have a vlog to upload but as I previously mentioned in my blog post on my brunch, I am still having trouble with my laptop – so at the moment, I am totally unsure when this will be up!) but I got to wander the hotel for a while which was pretty enjoyable!

Day 3

On my final day I woke up really down in the dumps about leaving… I was so upset that as I mentioned previously, I decided to look into how much it would cost me to stay for an extra day and night!!!

I had the morning to wander the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and as they say, time flies when you’re having fun and it certainly flew by!

I had breakfast in the hotel on our final morning and it was delicious.  I love a buffet breakfast and a cup of English tea (my morning essential), which I had with my breakfast and I filled my stomach ready for the day ahead.

I was really indecisive about what I wanted to do and see on my final morning.  I like to be organised and make timetables/schedules to enable me enough time to see and do everything I originally planned but I had already decided at breakfast that I would definitely be coming back, either later this year or early next year, so I decided to hold a few of my ideas back so we have a few things to do on my return.

I have visited Madame Tussauds in London before, when I was younger and it wasn’t something we had planned to do but my sister and I used to be the biggest Ariana Grande fans and I remembered that Ariana had her own waxwork model in the Amsterdam venue (and I believe this is still the only Madame Tussauds you can find her waxwork) so I decided to tour the Amsterdam museum on the hunt for Ariana Grande, in particular.  But of course, I had photos with all the waxwork models!


Then I headed back to the canal, of course, I took my final pictures and headed back to the hotel to checkout :(!!!

I can honestly say, I enjoyed seeing Amsterdam a lot more than I ever imagined, I am already so excited to go back (even though nothing is booked just yet!!!).  It was so lovely to get away, I had a social media break and just a break from reality which was thoroughly needed.  I rarely looked at my phone the whole time I was away!!!

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to the Westcord Fashion Hotel who made our trip that extra bit special for us!

To book to stay at the Westcord Fashion Hotel, check out their website: and if you read my blog post before you happen to book, I would be unbelievably grateful if you could drop in, that you read my blog post and my recommendation too – thanks in advance!

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Lots of love,

Robynne Louise x


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