I am forever waking up with knotty hair in the morning.. even with the amount of product I use to avoid this.. so when I discovered the “Tangle Angel” hairbrush, I was amazed.  I hate the feeling of tugging away at my hair with just a regular brush, but with the Tangle Angel, I know, I don’t have to worry!

This brush is perfect for all ages, from young tots to elderly adults – the reason for this, is because it is soft and gentle on your hair and it is guaranteed to get rid of the knots without pulling endless amounts of hair out, at the same time.  My little sister used to hate having her hair brushed at a young age because she hated her hair being pulled, so I know for certain this is the perfect brush for small children.

I chose the “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” to review as I love a good handbag brush, and of course, I had to go for the Rose Gold colour (as Rose Gold is my fav!!).  The design is girly, pretty, and obviously, it is in the style of angel wings, which of course, goes with the name of the brand!  The compact brush also has a mirror inside, which is extremely handy for when you are on-the-go!  My Tangle Angel Pro Compact brush comes with me everywhere I go now!  The “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” is only £19.50 and is definitely a brush that you will put to good use!

You can shop my Tangle Angel Pro Compact brush by clicking here: www.tangleangel.com/TangleAngelProCompact! 

I have also recently discovered the “Pet Angel” which is a brush for your pets, in exactly the same form as the Tangle Angel for humans – you can treat your pets for just £14.95 and there are four colours for you to choose from!  I am definitely going to look at getting Hugo one – he loves being pampered, so I am sure he would love this little gift!

This brush is designed and perfect for, detangling on-the-go, wet and dry hair, blow drying, children’s hair and even hair extensions.

The “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” is honestly a godsend for knotted hair.  The flexible de-tangling bristles glide through your locks to leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and easy to manage.

You can shop your Tangle Angel brush by clicking here: www.tangleangel.com!

This is definitely a product I would recommend and I am 100% sure, you will be over the moon with your purchase!

(Completely smitten with my new Tangle Angel hairbrush!)

Lots of love, Robynne Louise x

A few weeks ago, I received the “Babe Power Travel Set” (the Missguided perfume) to review – I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to receive this!

Anyway, I believe this was destined to happen.. In August 2017, I was out on the hunt for my birthday shoes with my boyfriend and I spotted the Missguided perfume from a mile away. I thought the design of the perfume was really unique and pretty. Something I had never seen before and of course, like most girls, I love trying new perfumes and testing the smells, so of course, I had to have a spray.

When I was asked to review this perfume, as you can imagine, I couldn’t contain my excitement – first of all, I have been asked to write a blog post for a MISSGUIDED(!!! my favs) perfume and secondly, a perfume that I know for a fact, I already love the smell of!

I love a sweet smelling perfume and would certainly not go for anything other than this! Now, the smell of this perfume is just gorgeous, so sweet and fresh. It is definitely a real girly smell!

The packaging is what makes this perfume so unique and different to every other bottle of perfume. I am surprised this design hasn’t been used before. The bottle reminds me of a can of fizzy drink. It is a cute, small sized bottle which would be easy to use whilst on your travels. This is definitely my new favourite perfume and will be coming everywhere with me!

So the perfume I received came in a set of two – this costs only £15 on the Missguided website (cheap as chips!), you can buy this here: www.missguided.com and it would make a perfect gift, I mean who doesn’t love receiving perfume on a special occasion?!

Seriously girls, I wish there was a way of me sending you a bit of this smell through this blog post (I’m sure one day, this will be a thing!!!) but if you are ever near a Missguided store, please go and have a spray(!!!) or, if you fancy taking a risk, purchase this online!!!

I am just in love with my new perfume, so much that I will definitely purchase a new bottle before I run out!!  But seriously girls, if you want to smell like a real life angel, I suggest you get your yourself online and make that purchase! You’ll thank me later!!!

I have had a year full of ups and downs but it’s safe to say, I’ve come out on top. I’ve gained some, I’ve lost some and I have retained some, but as they say, everything happens for a reason and eventually, you’ll see the true colours in some people. I’m happier than ever, surrounded by the best people and the most amazing plans for 2018.

This year has been the BEST for my blogging life. I’ve worked with some amazing brands, attended some amazing events (which you would have seen), I’ve made some of the bestest friends I could possibly wish for (all thanks to blogging and events) and I’ve finally worked out an Insta theme – if you are into blogging, you will understand how important this really is… (hahahaha!!!)

I’ll start with the worst part of my year.. and this was definitely when I lost my beautiful Buffy in September, which broke my heart into 154685+ pieces but I will forever cherish the memories with her.  She has been my rock since I was a little girl.  You may think, I sound slightly crazy (unless you own a dog, because you will completely understand me when I say this) but she was so much more than “just a dog” to me, she was like a sister.  I adored her so much and she honestly had kindest heart.  Every single day I had her in my life, she made me feel so loved.  I love you my Buffy girl – miss you everyday, my little bestie! xxx

Some of my most memorable bits:

Valentine’s Day/Weekend

The birth of my goddaughter: Freya

New York Baby! (I finally got to meet some of my beautiful American family… and I love them to pieces!)

Celebrating my boyfriends Mum’s 50th Birthday

Vlogging for Megan McKenna’s restaurant: Mck Grill

Getting our puppy: Hugo!

Having my blog/blog post retweeted by RIMMEL LONDON!!!

Celebrating my Boyfriends 21st Birthday (at the Crazy Bear Hotel and organising a surprise party for him)

My little sister’s (Georgia) prom

Arsenal’s Wembley trips to the FA Cup Semi-Final and Final with my Dad

Visiting California

Girly time

My 21st Birthday


Amelie’s Dance Competition – my little sis was A M A Z I N G!

Meeting and then becoming besties with Charlotte & Tara

Visiting STK!


Dad’s Work Christmas Party

Christmas 2017

Gigi and Ami reaching 20k!!!

Robs, Gigi and Ami edit Instagram accounts being made of me and my sisters!? (thank you lovelies!!!)



New Years Eve


Blogging Opportunities

Finally, one of the best memories of the year was when my Dad sold his business.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to go with this section just yet… but we celebrated with our close friends and family on New Year’s Eve!  Congratulations Dad xxxxxxx

I would also like to say a big thank you to all those who I worked alongside in 2017, I have loved working with you all – it has been so much fun.

And, a big thank you to all of those who invited me to their incredible events.  Events are definitely one of my favourite things… ever!  I have met the most amazing girls through these events and have certainly made friends for life!

Also, a big thank you to my mum, dad, sisters, boyfriend, Nan, Rhianna, Alicia, Charlotte & Tara who have put up with the constant photographs and helping me with my Blogging in general.  I definitely wouldn’t of had such a successful year without you guys!  Love you all xxx

Wishing you all lots of love, happiness and success in 2018 – thank you so much for your continued support from 2014 – 2017.  You will never understand how much I love and appreciate you all for sticking by me and supporting me and my blog!

Best wishes, always and forever…

I’m sure it was the “Mean Girls” theme that caught your eye!! Seriously, a mean girls theme?!?!?!

I attended the Demure Eyelashes Event last Thursday and I’m not sure what caught my eye more… the fact it was an EYELASH event (you’ll know I love my lashes!!!) or the fact it was a “Mean Girls” theme?! FYI: Mean Girls is one of my favourite all time films!

So I turned up to this venue which was super cool, I felt like I had just rocked up to film an episode of Friends! The guys at Demure Lashes went for an apartment type look, which was so unique – I loved it!!! I had a few drinks, mingled with the other bloggers (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen exactly what went on, on my Insta story!) and sat back and embraced the music and the good vibes!!  Of course, being a Mean Girls Theme, everyone had to wear a little bit of pink and you know I love my pink!!!  The DJ was great and picked out some good “tunes” (LOL, why am I cringing at the word “tunes”?!). The ladies at Demure Lashes were total babes, so friendly, warm and welcoming!

 The window ledge was full of goodies and I kept finding myself looking over, thinking WOW! Then… came the point where we were given goodie bags and we were told to pick some bits from the window ledge … you don’t realise how happy this made me – the goodies (lashes, sprays, etc) were amazing!!!, everyone picked out their favourites and carried on partying.

I met up with a few of my “Blogging Babes”, who all looked stunning, Charlotte, Tara, Zayna and Aysen (and Emma arrived later!) which obviously made the event even better for me – it’s so lovely seeing these girls and having a nice, genuine group of friends, who I’ve met through my blogging! I also met some new blogging girls, Katie (who I absolutely love.. and ended up sharing a taxi with that night(!), Sonam, who was literally my sidekick at the event, she is sooooo lovely and sweet(!!!) and Andrea, this girl, I seriously feel like I have met before, she’s just one of those girls that you instantly click with!

So of course, the next day, my Demure Lashes were straight on.. and it’s safe to say, I absolutely love my lashes and will definitely be purchasing some more when I’ve over used mine!!! (I had another event last night and of course, I wore my Demure Lashes.. so check out my Instagram for a picture with them on!!)

Thanks so much to the Demure team! The event was amazing and I had so much fun!!!

I attended the ALXJN (Amelia Lily X Jane Norman) Launch Night at Vanilla in London a few weeks ago.  Let me start by saying, what an event!  The venue was incredible and the night was insane!

Wingfield PR are absolute babes and really pulled it off!  I had the privilege of viewing the Amelia Lily Christmas Collection before it went on sale.  The new collection was gorgeous and there were so many pieces I just wanted to take home!

If you knew me back in the day, you will know how much I absolutely loved Jane Norman growing up.. and to attend a Jane Norman event was a big deal for me!  Throughout my schooling years, I would not go anywhere without my Jane Norman bag(s)… I would buy a new one every single time I went to Lakeside!!!

We were lucky enough to experience an Amelia Lily live performance, enjoy some cocktails and canapes, have fun in the mirrored photobooth, meet the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team and hang out with some well-known celebs.  But, for me, one of the best parts of the night was meeting all of the blogging girls who I have been chatting to on social media for weeks and weeks.  I have made some great friends through the Jane Norman event!!!

Me and the woman of the moment, Amelia Lily!

Me and the loveliest woman in the world, Nadia from Celebs Go Dating!

Me and the beautiful Tilly Keeper from Eastenders!

I love an event anyway, but the best feeling is when you feel welcomed into an environment.  Everyone at the event was so lovely and sweet!  I walked away at the end of the night with a £50 voucher for Jane Norman – do you know how excited this makes me feel?!  I have just ordered the cutest outfits from there and I can’t wait to show you what I ordered!!!

Go check out the Jane Norman website here: Jane Norman and follow them on Instagram here: @janenorman_int.

To see more pictures from the event, check out my Facebook page here: Robynne Louise x!!!

A big thanks to the Jane Norman and Wingfield PR team – I had a fabulous night!!!