I  have received the most gorgeous lashes from A&C Lashes – which you may have already seen on my Instagram!  I chose the “MADISON” style lashes (and no, not JUST because I’m completely obsessed with Madison Beer – hahaha!).  I could just tell these lashes were going to be amazing and definitely my type of lashes!

I actually got my lashes delivered to work as I was just too excited to receive them and couldn’t bear the thought of receiving a text message to say they had been delivered at home.. whilst I had so sit at work for another 5 or so hours(!!!), so as soon as they were delivered, I opened them and was amazed… the lashes looked stunning.. and the packaging was just INSANE!  I sat them in front of me on my desk all day and couldn’t keep my eyes off them!  I am of course, a girly girl and love anything sparkly and glittery.. but when I tell you this packaging was “INSANE”, I literally mean INSANE – I have genuinely never seen any lash packaging as gorgeous as this in my life.  Instead of explaining, I’ll just show you….!

Now we’re on the same page and you understand the point I am trying to make.. I’ll explain the lovely lashes!  The lashes look just ‘wow’ and are definitely the perfect design for someone like me – I love big lashes but lashes that I can wear on a day to day basis!  Nowadays, I only tend to go for long lashes throughout – whereas, a while ago I liked the “start shorter, end longer” style lashes.  I absolutely adore these lashes and can, hand on heart, say these are the most glamorous pair I have ever worn – and trust me, I have used a lot of lashes in my time!

My Madison lashes look and feel amazing and I know I will be able to get good use out of them!  And, who doesn’t love an eyelash compliment?!  Well, every time I have worn my Madison lashes, I have received so many compliments!

As you may have seen on my Instagram, you can get yourself a lil discount by using my code: Robyn10!  To order, all you have to do is click: A&C Lashes and then DM them with your eyelash choice/s and not forgetting to use my code!

I can’t wait to see you using the motto “Lashes Speak Louder Than Words”!  I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Lots of love, Robynne Louise x

I am forever waking up with knotty hair in the morning.. even with the amount of product I use to avoid this.. so when I discovered the “Tangle Angel” hairbrush, I was amazed.  I hate the feeling of tugging away at my hair with just a regular brush, but with the Tangle Angel, I know, I don’t have to worry!

This brush is perfect for all ages, from young tots to elderly adults – the reason for this, is because it is soft and gentle on your hair and it is guaranteed to get rid of the knots without pulling endless amounts of hair out, at the same time.  My little sister used to hate having her hair brushed at a young age because she hated her hair being pulled, so I know for certain this is the perfect brush for small children.

I chose the “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” to review as I love a good handbag brush, and of course, I had to go for the Rose Gold colour (as Rose Gold is my fav!!).  The design is girly, pretty, and obviously, it is in the style of angel wings, which of course, goes with the name of the brand!  The compact brush also has a mirror inside, which is extremely handy for when you are on-the-go!  My Tangle Angel Pro Compact brush comes with me everywhere I go now!  The “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” is only £19.50 and is definitely a brush that you will put to good use!

You can shop my Tangle Angel Pro Compact brush by clicking here: www.tangleangel.com/TangleAngelProCompact! 

I have also recently discovered the “Pet Angel” which is a brush for your pets, in exactly the same form as the Tangle Angel for humans – you can treat your pets for just £14.95 and there are four colours for you to choose from!  I am definitely going to look at getting Hugo one – he loves being pampered, so I am sure he would love this little gift!

This brush is designed and perfect for, detangling on-the-go, wet and dry hair, blow drying, children’s hair and even hair extensions.

The “Tangle Angel Pro Compact” is honestly a godsend for knotted hair.  The flexible de-tangling bristles glide through your locks to leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and easy to manage.

You can shop your Tangle Angel brush by clicking here: www.tangleangel.com!

This is definitely a product I would recommend and I am 100% sure, you will be over the moon with your purchase!

(Completely smitten with my new Tangle Angel hairbrush!)

Lots of love, Robynne Louise x

A few weeks ago, I received the “Babe Power Travel Set” (the Missguided perfume) to review – I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to receive this!

Anyway, I believe this was destined to happen.. In August 2017, I was out on the hunt for my birthday shoes with my boyfriend and I spotted the Missguided perfume from a mile away. I thought the design of the perfume was really unique and pretty. Something I had never seen before and of course, like most girls, I love trying new perfumes and testing the smells, so of course, I had to have a spray.

When I was asked to review this perfume, as you can imagine, I couldn’t contain my excitement – first of all, I have been asked to write a blog post for a MISSGUIDED(!!! my favs) perfume and secondly, a perfume that I know for a fact, I already love the smell of!

I love a sweet smelling perfume and would certainly not go for anything other than this! Now, the smell of this perfume is just gorgeous, so sweet and fresh. It is definitely a real girly smell!

The packaging is what makes this perfume so unique and different to every other bottle of perfume. I am surprised this design hasn’t been used before. The bottle reminds me of a can of fizzy drink. It is a cute, small sized bottle which would be easy to use whilst on your travels. This is definitely my new favourite perfume and will be coming everywhere with me!

So the perfume I received came in a set of two – this costs only £15 on the Missguided website (cheap as chips!), you can buy this here: www.missguided.com and it would make a perfect gift, I mean who doesn’t love receiving perfume on a special occasion?!

Seriously girls, I wish there was a way of me sending you a bit of this smell through this blog post (I’m sure one day, this will be a thing!!!) but if you are ever near a Missguided store, please go and have a spray(!!!) or, if you fancy taking a risk, purchase this online!!!

I am just in love with my new perfume, so much that I will definitely purchase a new bottle before I run out!!  But seriously girls, if you want to smell like a real life angel, I suggest you get your yourself online and make that purchase! You’ll thank me later!!!

I am so excited to share my new favourite products for a chilled night in… the Kocostar products!!!

I was extremely lucky to receive the chance to review 6 different products from the Kocostar range, I will be telling you all about each product individually and I know you’ve heard it all before but this is certainly one blog post, you cannot afford to miss… especially with Christmas just around the corner!  These are the perfect stocking fillers for your mum, sister/s, nan/s and even your dad!!

Kocostar make easy to use salon quality products to make your skin look and feel young, your hair silky, your feet pretty, your nails sparkly, quickly and affordably!  The instructions for use of these skin care products are stated on the back of each pack.

Long Hair Pack:

First of all, lets talk hair!  I have fairly long hair and I am always struggling to find “the right” treatments for my hair type.  It can get super dry at times, which I absolutely hate!  I have tried everything, including the best serums.

The Long Hair Pack is a nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair.  This hair treatment is specifically designed for long (as it states in the title), dehydrated hair and it is quick and easy to use.  You apply the unique hair wrap infused with a nourishing serum to the hair for just 20 minutes and then rinse out with warm water.  You can leave this on for longer than 20 minutes but this all depends on your hair type.  This leaves your hair looking and feeling super shiny, silky and with a super-soft finish.

Foot Moisture Pack and Foot Peeling Pack:

Two different types of foot masks but both are absolutely amazing and leave your feet feeling, amazing!

The Foot Moisture Pack is a simple, yet effective, innovative mask treatment for dry, over-worked feet, it is a moisturising and soothing treatment that helps replenish your feet and dehydrates feet in just 20 minutes.  This mask quickly improves skin hydration and protects them against dehydrated feet.  You should leave this pack on your feet until all of the serum has been absorbed, this will ensure you get the best results.  This pack leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth and glowing with health.

The Foot Peeling Pack is developed to gently lift away dead skin cells, the pack is an innovative and effective way to achieve silky soft and smooth feet.  It is an intense, soothing treatment of botanicals extracts to exfoliate and repair stressed feet while softening and smoothing the skin’s surface for loveable, touchable feet.  The Foot Peeling pack is best to use whilst you are having a chilled night in.  You should leave this pack on for 90 minutes, to ensure you get the best results.  After use, remove the wrap and rinse with warm water.  This pack is targeted to get rid of that dry feet feeling and take away any dead flaky skin and leave your feet feeling soft and smooth and glowing with health.

Camellia Happy Mask:

The Camellia Happy Mask was the first mask I used.  By mixing the rayon with the extracted oil from the seeds of Japanese Red Camellia, this mask has surprisingly long lasting moisture.  Its pale pink colour helps to look unnoticeable and natural when applied on your face.  To get the best result from this face mask, you apply for 20 minutes.  After removing the mask, you should gently massage your skin and allow the excess serum to penetrate the skin.

Slice Mask Sheet – Cucumber:

The Cucumber Slice Mask Sheet delivers high levels of Vitamin C and helps to maintain the moisture level.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and you can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs wherever necessary.  This mask works to balance the skin and replenish moisture in the dryer areas of the face.  The cucumber shaped patches are each infused with a vitamin rich elixir that works to nourish and replenish the skin for renewed health and vitality.  Again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply to for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using the slice mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  This leaves you feeling fresh and leaving your skin feeling soft.  Of course, it smells lush too, as you can guess, just like cucumber lol!!!

Slice Mask Sheet – Watermelon:

The Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet, hydrates skin and helps to refresh the skin.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs where it’s necessary.  This is an ultra-hydrating twelve piece mask which is designed for dry, dehydrated skin, the slice mask effectively delivers moisture deep into the skin. With twelve individual patches infused with a rich, hydrating elixir, this unique mask allows you to target specific areas or treat the entire face for a youthful and rejuvenated complexion.  Again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using the slice mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  The Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet smells amazing and of course, like watermelon (duh)… this is by far my favourite.  The packing is my favourite too, obviously as pink is my favourite colour and it just looks cute and pretty!

Rose Flower Mask Sheet:

Finally, the Rose Flower Mask Sheet is a facial mask that helps support natural surface cell regeneration for smooth and supple skin.  Piece by piece application from the film is easy to use and can apply to your face as well as neck, arms or legs where it’s necessary.  This is a collection uniquely designed and is comprised of twelve individual rose petals in a variety of sizes allowing you to target specific areas with intense nourishment.  Infused with a botanically enriched serum the treatment works effectively to boost cell turnover and skin smoothness for a glowing complexion.  Innovative and effective, the petals can be placed on other areas of the body, too, for head to toe beautification.  Once again, you can leave this on the area you have chosen to apply to for 20-30 minutes.  Once you have finished using this mask, you remove the pieces and you should gently massage any excess serum into the skin.  I feel this would make such a cute present for a Christmas Eve box or a gift bag as it is such a cute package and looks very classy.

You can shop for these products online at: Kocostar.com or if you are based in the UK you can shop for these on Beauty Bay, Asos or Urban Outfitters and also online at Amazon, Birchbox, Joyus, Memebox, Pop Sugar or Sokoglam.

I know, my blog also has a large following in the USA, so for you lovely Americans, you can shop for these at Anthropologie, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Ricky’s NYC, Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters, American Eagles Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue and Soft Surroundings!

These masks are also sold in Sephora in Australia – amazing, huh?!

I absolutely loved reviewing these Kocostar products and these products will definitely be my ‘go to’ products for a chilled night for a long, long time!!!

I am back with another Rimmel London blog post (I know you love them, just as much as I do!!)

So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you on my new favourite “bronze & sculpting” Rimmel London products, these can help you achieve a lovely glow ahead of the winter months!!!  When I’ve got a tan, I always feel sooooo much better in myself, especially in the winter months.  This is why I love makeup and tan, you can wear it exactly how you please.

You all know just how much I adore Rimmel London (and still cannot believe, I blog for them!!!!!!), Rimmel London are that drugstore favourite of mine.  I have always owned ridiculous amounts of makeup from Rimmel London and I use most of their products during my daily routine.

Let’s start with……

Radiance Brick

Oh my gosh, this brings me back to my teen days again, I remember buying something very similar to this when I brought my first makeup bag!  This ultra fine bronzing powder can be used to create a cute, shimmery effect but also a gorgeous, healthy glow.  When applying, it adds the most perfect amount of shimmer and bronze, without making it look like you have just plastered mud all over your face!  This is also an absolutely amazing combo because the shades can also be used on other parts of your body (i.e – your arms and legs), to give other areas that glow and shimmer effect.  Oh, and who says you can’t use it as eyeshadow either?

Sunshimmer Instant Tan

Throughout my teen years, I was forever trying different fake tan products and Rimmel London definitely provided me with the best instant fake tan back in the day!  As I could only imagine, their fake tan has improved over time too.. (even though, back in the day, I never would have thought this was humanly possible?!)  So, Sunshimmer Instant Tan is completely streak free (woohoo!) with a fade proof formula and it can be worn in the rain!!!  I am sure, you all know how annoying it is, when you fake tan for a night out (with your instant, wash off tan) and it’s raining outside and you have to go into the club with rain streaks all down your legs, ahhhh I hate those days!!!  Anyway, the Sunshimmer Instant Tan dries almost instantly too (but obviously, allow extra time, just in case!)  It does not transfer on to your clothes and the traditional “fake tan smell” is non-existent.  The fake tan can be washed away after a long 24 hours of wear by using shower gel and warm water.. perfect, or what?!

Kate Sculpting Palette 

I received a “Kate Sculpting Palette” from Rimmel London once before and I am so pleased I have received another one (I have certainly used this more than I can imagine!) Being so small, it is fabulous to just throw in your bag and carry around with you.  This palette is great because you can use just a little colour for a real natural look or you can use more and make more a statement with the bold look.  As Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds.. and here you really do!  The combo of three powder shades (a highlight, shading powder and blush) create a cute, contoured and glowy sort of look!

Insta Duo Contour Stick

The Insta Duo Contour Stick are Rimmel London’s latest discovery… and it is definitely a good discovery too!  Now, an everyday essential,  to “cream” contour and highlight your cheekbones.  Being a creamy formula, it blends amazingly, I have tried this with my beauty blender too and it works great!  I can achieve a defined cheek look and the highlight leaves a dewy and healthy glow to the skin.  They are a great buy, especially for someone who is just learning to use makeup and contouring.  It is a real quick and easy way to contour whilst you are in a rush (like me on a daily basis!)

Well, Rimmel London, have made my life (and my makeup bag) that little more complete, once again.  If you need some quick, easy, drugstore essentials to add to your makeup bag and your daily routine, I would definitely recommend that you check out the Rimmel London section in your local drugstore.

I am also considering posting a YouTube video showing you my bits from Rimmel London… what do you guys think?!