This is just a little tribute post in memory of a friend of mine, Carys Hammond.

Unfortunately, we had to say our goodbyes to our gorgeous Carys. Carys passed away on in April 2017 in a road accident at just 18 years old. This girl was one in a million. She was beautiful, bubbly and so so kind.

Carys always followed my blog, which of course meant a lot to me. She would always “hype” up my selfies/blog every time I posted and she would always check up on me if she thought I was down to make sure I was “still smiling“. She was an angel in disguise and the angels realised that a lot earlier than we would ever have imagined.

I miss seeing your pretty face on my Insta feed and I miss your cheeky comments.

I feel so privileged to have known someone like you, you are a very special girl.

Fly high you beautiful angel..sleep tight. Love you lots ♡ xxx

As you know, I love my teeth whitening kits. It is one of my daily essentials.

I was recently introduced to SB Whitening Republic, a teeth whitening company based in my hometown, Essex! This teeth whitening kit is made from 100% organic steamed coconut shells and the black onyx activated charcoal gently and effectively absorbs bacteria, it removes toxins and external staining on the surface of the teeth.. making them whiter as a result!

If you are looking to make your teeth a little whiter, you can get yourself a SB Whitening Republic teeth whitening kit for ONLY £7.99.

I have used mine every night for 2 weeks and I can already see a huge difference.. I can’t wait to see your results too!

How cute are these mugs my boyfriend & I were sent from Pieces of Precious.  I have always loved these couple mugs and I am so happy to officially be the owner of my own now haha!!  But really.. I am so unbelievably fussy when it comes to mugs.  I always have to have my own mug.. which nobody else is allowed to use!!! 

I discovered Pieces of Precious on Instagram and always find myself scrolling down their feed to see what new bits they have in stock.  Pieces of Precious are a newly founded company with the most amazing gifts.  They sell so many cute and chic gifts, from baby gifts to wedding gifts to wall plaques and mugs/glasses, you will find gifts for literally every occasion!

I am totally in love with the new wall plaques and cute little coasters that are in stock!!  But honestly, these mugs are literally my favourite thing in the world (even if it does make us look slightly big headed – lol).  These mugs could be the perfect gift for an anniversary or moving in gift!! Make sure you grab yours now at: Pieces of Precious and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram: @piecesofprecious. 

And, of course, as you may already know, I am a sucker for good customer service… and the guys behind the scenes of Pieces of Precious are sooooo unbelievably lovely, friendly and super caring too.  They have the best customer service and they will always find the best ways to satisfy your every need. 

Big thanks to Pieces of Precious, you guys are the best!!!

Experimenting with makeup is one of my favourite things to do….. I love trying out new things, especially on my brows, as I find brows so important when it comes to painting your face. Being given the opportunity to try out the Rimmel London Brow Shake Filling Powder before they hit the shop, was soooo exciting!

I had a few brow products turn up at my door recently and I couldn’t wait to show them to you!!!!! The Brow Shake Filling Power works as a 3 in 1, they fill, define and then line the eyebrows. It is in a powder form which includes a soft applicator for smooth use.

When it comes to using the Brow Shake Filling Powder, you must (as it says) shake before use. Then you apply it to your brows using very light strokes to give you the “fill, define, line” look.

So, there are four colours you can choose from – which means there is a shade to suit everyone. It comes in: Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black. The product itself is small and easy to carry around, so this means you can never have an excuse for poor brows!!! It is really easy to apply, you just need to make sure you don’t press down too hard, otherwise you could totally over do it, so just add a little at a time. It lasts all day long and it doesn’t smudge. It is priced at around £5.99, which is very reasonable – you can find this in drugstores like Boots (check it out here: Rimmel London).

I have only managed to try out the two lightest colours as the dark colours do not suit my hair and skin colour. This is now my brow essential and I wouldn’t use anything else – you must add this to your makeup collection, it is amazing!!!!!!!

I recently received a little set from Rimmel London which included:

Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette:

Contour your eyes with just one kit! The high-shimmer, ultra-smooth, blendable formula delivers endless eye looks perfect for sculpting, shading and defining.


Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner:

This fade, transfer and waterproof liner delivers intense glossy colour all day and night, for up to 24 hour wear. Innovative ball tip applicator for a bold look.


Wonder’full Mascara:

The secret weapon to full volume without clumps. The formula contains Argan Oil which feels incredibly lightweight, soft & flexible for wonder’full volume that won’t weigh you down.


Kate Sculpting Palette:

The Kate Sculpting Palette is a clever combo of three powder shades – a highlighter, shading powder and blush – that seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a contoured look. The kit works with every face shape and skin tone, adding definition and structure.


Kate 15 Year Lipstick:

Rimmel London and Kate Moss introduced a special-edition lip collection in Kate’s favourite reds and nudes, each created by Kate and inspired by her London look. Apply in one smooth stroke for an incredibly long lasting finish.

Rimmel London is my favourite makeup brand anyway, but yet again they have produced even more amazing products that you need to try out for yourself.