There’s absolutely nothing worse than fake tanning and looking more orange than brown! I like a subtle and natural looking tan, it annoys the hell out of me when it goes streaky or patchy!!!

I love being brown but unfortunately I’m not one to tan whilst on my holidays!! I’m very fair so I have to be extremely careful.

In the past 5 or so years, I have tried ridiculous amounts of fake tan and I have finally found my favourite which is Fake Bake, I use the foam tan rather than the liquid tan. For me, it goes on a lot easier and it’s easier to find any streaks. I also prefer an instant tan, but as you probably know a lot of these wash off as soon as your have a shower. So if I’m going to use a gradual tan, I will use Dove – but I always notice a number of streaks the following day where I can’t see exactly where I’m applying it. However, if I am having a spray tan, I love Lauren’s Way! I’m not one for having sun beds as they are really dangerous and can really damage your skin. But thankfully one of my lovely friends Jordan, has done a spray tan course and is now qualified. She uses Lauren’s Way and it always comes out exactly how I like it – just a natural glow which is perfect. Obviously, if you haven’t had a spray tan before you go to bed extremely dark but once you shower the following morning, it is amazing.

Jordan is a make up artist, hair stylist, spray tanner & face painter from Essex. So if you live in Essex or are popping down for the weekend and need anything done, I would highly recommend giving her a call. I can honestly say you will not be disappointed!! Jordan’s business is called Make Up by Ja & you can find her on Instagram: @MAKEUPBYJORDANAMY or on Facebook: Make Up by Jordan

(The pictures featured in this blogpost are after I have been tanned by Jordan! X)

Love Robyn xo 

When you find out someone you know is going to be on “The Voice UK”, well it’s pretty exciting.  But, when it’s one of your friends, someone that was in your class at school.. it just seems so surreal.

When I found out Brooklyn was on The Voice, I was so thrilled and so excited for her, as this is always what she’s been good at and what she has always wanted to do.  This is a huge opportunity which I know she will make the most of!

Since I have known Brooklyn, I have always said out of everyone I know, this girl will be the one to make it.

I can honestly say, Brooklyn is so down to earth and so genuine and absolutely everyone loves her!!  But that’s not all, to top it off,  she is an amazing performer and singer.

Check out her Brookyln’s performances from “The Voice” here:


And make sure you follow her on:

Facebook – Brooklyn Lammiman

Twitter – @artistbrooklyn

Instagram – @brooklyn_lammiman

AND check out her youtube channel, I can assure you.. you will be blown away!

So this Saturday is the knockout stages in the competition.  I am so excited to see what she has in store next and I obviously, will be backing Brooklyn all the way!  Please help us to get behind her!!


#Brooklyn #TeamWill



So, last weekend my family and I went up to Birmingham. It was our first time visiting our family friends and it’s safe to say, we loved every minute of it.

We were told to dress up.. Of course, it was a Halloween party! I decided to go as a skeleton. I painted half of my face and left the other half, let’s say “normal”!!! I brought a skeleton dress on the previous year and wanted to wear it again.


This was the look I went for, with the help of my mum’s creative face painting skills!!

Unfortunately, I did purchase some white contact lenses but as usual, I was running “fashionably” late and couldn’t put them in quick enough, (I didn’t want to miss out on the food you see!)

On Sunday, our friends took us to the town in Lichfield. It was lovely, we didn’t manage to get round the whole town, but we did visit a lovely sweet shop!

The only downside of the weekend was the fact it took us 4 and a half hours to get home!! As my dad said, we could have flown to Spain and back in that time!!

Hopefully we can go back to Birmingham again very soon!!!


So much to do, so little time..

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while and that I haven’t been posting as much as I should, but having a full time job, constantly feeling tired and trying to post as often as I can, has proven to be difficult!  But, on the plus side.. I love my job!

3 weeks ago, I started my new job in the city. Those of you that know me personally and where I live, know this takes me a good hour and a half, twice a day to commute. I cannot begin to explain how tired I feel every night.  I am even in bed by half 8 sometimes!! But.. I have had so much fun already and I love getting dressed up every day!!

Finding outfits hasn’t been as tricky as I thought it would be. My mum helped me to raid my wardrobe and put all different outfits together.  I honestly couldn’t believe how many smart outfits I actually had.  Unfortunately, this means I don’t need to do much shopping, but of course.. I will find an excuse – I normally do!!!  Anyway, I promise I will share some of my outfits with you all soon!

Happy Halloween!!!

Lots of Love xxx

If you are looking for a nice present for christmas, look at booking a photo shoot at Studio 52!!

I know that having your picture taken can be quite an uncomfortable experience, but during your trip to Studio 52, situated in the bustling and vibrant West End, the friendly make up artists, hair stylists and photographers will make you feel and look fabulous.  They put you at ease and guide you through every step of the way, to produce professional, stunning pictures!

  But more than anything, you’ll have a very fun experience with some fab visual memories.