1. First things first, you need wine.

2. Make sure there’s lots of goodies, pizza, crips, chocolate and sweets, sound about right!
3. A chick flick has to be the best option for a girly night in?!
4. Pillow fights only happen in movies? Right.. But you must have face masks at the ready!
5. You’ll need some killer nightwear (check out my last post to find out Missguided’s new collection!),
6. Get a phone at the ready, because you’re going to have to take loads of selfies?!
7. Get a playlist at the ready, you can’t have a night without music!!! (Add some old school songs to the list!)
8. Get the vodka jellies at the ready.. Oh and some shots will be just fine! Play some games like “I would never”
9. Gossip.. You need to go to a girls night with some gossip, isn’t that what the nights all about anyway?!
10. And.. Make sure you don’t have to be up early in the morning!!!!

Why shouldn’t we feel confident with the body we have? Why do we have to compare ourselves to others? Why do we have to try to fit in and be the same as everyone else?

Why are we made to feel like we have to be stick thin, and if we are not then we are not good enough. Well, we are good enough, every single one of us.

I can’t express my emotions and happiness towards the image I came across this morning on my way to work.

I think, this is an extremely powerful image. You should be confident in yourself, no matter what size you are. Finally, we are learning to embrace all our curves and our edges, instead of trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else! And can I just say, she looks amazing and very beautiful!!!

So at New York Fashion Week, this happened.. and about time too! We are finally learning to accept ourselves how we are! Thank goodness!

Be proud of who you are and love yourself, no matter what you look like or what size you are!

At the end of June, my sister & I took part in the Race for Life – pretty muddy 5k. I am pleased to say, we raised £740 for Cancer Research – which we are over the moon with!!  I was so overwhelmed with the support my sister & I received from all of our friends and family. We completed the run in 42 minutes. It was very challenging and with neither of us being runners, that didn’t help either! But when we crossed the finish line it felt like the world had stopped, I couldn’t believe it. It was such an amazing feeling, especially knowing we had just ran 5k for Cancer Research!

You can probably tell from the race title “pretty muddy” that somehow the run included mud.. And in fact, quite a lot of it too!! But this made it really fun.

One of the best parts about it was doing it with my best friend/little sister, achieving this together and being able to share this experience together.

I would love to do it again next year but I would also like to do the moon walk which is a 26 mile walk in London that you walk during the night!

If you have ever considered joining the Pink Army, I would so recommend it, it’s one of the best feelings saying “I completed the Race for Life” and knowing you have done what you can to help beat cancer!!


On the 1st June, I went to the O2 arena in London to see Ariana Grande on her Honeymoon Tour.

I can’t even put into words how flawless she was, her looks AND her voice!!  Performing her back to back albums “Yours Truly” and “My Everything“, it’s safe to say Ariana “slayed”!!  I am a huge lover of Ariana anyway so I guess I would be a little biased but oh my gosh, it was a fab night and one to remember.  The sets, outfits, dancing and everything was just insane.

If you check out my Instagram I posted a video of performing – my Instagram is @ROBYNNELOUISEX.  The video shows just how amazing her vocals are and whether you agree or not I still believe she is the next Mariah Carey!! One thing I was a little gutted at was the fact she never sang Baby I – I adore this song and Nathan Sykes was also in the audience so I was hoping he would join her on stage and sing “Almost is never enough”.. but that never happened either :(

I am heading to Wembley tomorrow and I will be seeing her again for the second time in one week!! She is performing at the Summer Time ball, my sister is the biggest Ari fan I have ever met so how could we miss it?!  If you haven’t already checked Ariana out, well it goes without saying, you so should have!!!



This photo is not the best quality but it is one I took on Monday night!!

Eeek, Festival and Summer Season is finally here!!  I recently received a beautiful “Luna” handmade bralet which is perfect for this time of year, and not forgetting my gorgeous coin anklet.

I have been a lover of Dainty Clothing for quite a while now and it’s safe to say, they have some amazing bits and pieces.  Unfortunately, due to the clothes being handmade, orders do take roughly 1-3 weeks, so now is the best time to get your orders in before any festivals or holidays you have booked up.

You can find them on Instagram @DAINTYCLOTHINGCO and can place any orders via email!!  Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any sales they may have!!!