I was so excited to receive my Eden Oils, that as soon as my day was over, I couldn’t wait to go home and relax in a warm bath of Lavender Essential Oil. It was so calming and felt incredibly clean and fresh.

I received Set 2 and Set 3 and also 4 individual oils. Each oil has therapeutic properties, such as:

Set 2:

  • Sweet Orange is an antibacterial air cleanser with a fruity fragrance. It is often used for ceremonial occasions and other festivities. It enhances energy levels and combats fatigue. It is really great for adding freshness to your cleaning routine.
  • Eucalyptus is great for colds!! It helps to clear sinuses and aids respiration as well as defending against well-known allergens. It contains other healing benefits that help to ward off infection and cleanse the body form toxins.
  • Sandalwood is a musky sweet smelling incense used in aromatherapy, during rituals, prayer or meditation for its calming effects and ability to enhance mental awareness/clarity. It contains antioxidants beneficial to skin repair and anti-aging.
  • Peppermint provides pain relief for aching muscles and joints, insect bites and general skin irritation. A potent natural insect repellant whilst adding freshness to any room.

Set 3:

  • Pine Tree is a powerful natural deodorizer and air freshener that delivers a soothing and warming fragrance. Helps ease aches and pains and provides antioxidant defence against common allergies.
  • Bergamot is used in aromatherapy to purify by create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. It helps to relieve emotional anxiety and soothes the senses. It is what gives Earl Grey tea it’s distinct flavour.
  • Lavender you can add a few drops to a bath or diffuser to create a soothing feeling and to help reduce stress and tension. It contains antibacterial properties and can be used to treat minor skin infections or burns. It is a great natural insect repellent.
  • Cinnamon provides pain relief for stiff and aching muscles, painful joints and arthritis. It helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritation.
  • Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory properties and is often used for pain relief, aching muscles and to combat respiratory problems. It provides anti-oxidant protection for a healthy immune system and is an effective stress reliever.
  • Tea Tree is a potent antiseptic used in traditional healing to help fight against infection. It is used to treat acne, fungal infections and a host of skin conditions. It provides relief against itching and burns and is a natural deodorizer, household cleaner and insect repellent.
  • Lemon Grass is a great natural deodorizer and bespoke air freshener when added to other oils. It can help to repair damaged skin or hair due to its antiseptic and astringent (to contract) qualities. It can be used as a cleaner or to combat bacteria.
  • Frankincense has been shown to reduce heart rate and is often used to treat anxiety. It is a potent stress reliever when inhaled or when added to a hot bath. It contains natural healing properties and offers effective skin protection.

Above, are all of the oils that I have tried myself. My personal favourites are Lavender, Cinnamon and Rosemary. I just love how the scent of the oils are pure and powerful and it spread through the whole of my house.

Eden Semilla’s have a large variety of different oils to choose from and the oils would make a perfect gift for somebody who appreciates delightful smells or relaxing baths. I received my oils in 3 cute mini black boxes, they are perfectly presented and as you only use 4/5 drops a time, they will last forever (thank goodness!)

Eden Semilla provide quality and pleasing selection of oils. There is no better way to relax than by using your Eden Oils after a long and hectic day at work, trust me.. you have to try them and let me know what you think!!!

If you own your own salon, have you ever thought about setting a uniform policy?  To keep your staff looking professional and matching?  Or are you updating your uniforms and can’t find exactly what you had in mind?  Well whatever you do and whatever you are looking for..if you are looking for a uniform, I have the best place for you to find yourself one which will be perfect for you, as well as getting a bargain on top!!!

Diamond Design Uniforms are a family run business who are beauty uniform suppliers for the UK and Ireland and their main goal is purely to design beauty uniforms to make our lives that little more easier and stylish. The material is amazing!!!  They use long lasting, breathable and easy to care for materials – which means you won’t need to buy new uniforms every few weeks!!

First impressions really are important and when you look your best and look professional, it’s always a very big deal.  The Diamond Design team have a lovely, professional range with different colours and styles, so I am positive you will find a uniform that suits you.

I chose the “Jumpsuit” in black.  I believe this looks very sophisticated and classy.  I was extremely pleased with my choice and believe it would be very comfortable to work in.  The jumpsuit is part of Diamond Designs diamond collection which is their premium collection using luxury breathable fabrics.  They also have a great offer on at the moment, where they offer free shipping when you buy 2 or more items, I love a free delivery!!!

The ladies at Diamond Designs are soooo lovely, professional and helpful.  So if you are struggling for ideas or need some advice, I am positive they will be there to help and support you.

I think the jumpsuit is sooo cute and is definitely perfect for me, but they have so many more gorgeous designs to choose from too, but if you love a smart, professional uniform, don’t miss the opportunity to grab yourself one from the premium collection – I promise you, you will not find a better place to get yourself a cute and trendy uniform!!!

They also have their very own blog where you can find lots of hot tips and trends in Fashion, Beauty world.  If you like your beauty, you can also find some Q&A’s from a fabulous make artist.

But, I won’t tell you anymore.. You will just have to check it out for yourself!!!

Have you ever wanted to be “fairy different?”… Like a Princess? Or a Fairy? 

I have and used to pretend when I was younger.  It’s been quite a few years ago now so you can imagine my delight when Nickelodeon approached me and asked me to become a fairy!!!!  They kindly sent me a cute little box with lots of props and makeup to create this look.  

I felt like a little girl again!

You’re probably thinking, why has Nickelodeon provided Robyn with these “fairy princess” props?  Well, you may have already seen it advertised, as I have (and so has my little sister, who is extremely excited for Nickelodeon’s new programme and for me to blog for Nickelodeon!!!).  There is a new programme which is to premiere on Monday 8th August 2016 (put it in your diary’s!!!)  This new programme is called “The Other Kingdom“.  The Other Kingdom is a brand-new fantasy series which follows a fairy called Princess Astral who takes human form and enters the mortal work for just 90 days. 

Living in a secret kingdom full of mythical creatures and magical beings sounds pretty cool, huh?  Well, Fairy Princess Astral would much prefer to live with humans, where kids her age belong, in high school!  Fairy Princess Astral (who is played by Esther Zynn) is a curious and headstrong young girl who is fascinated by humans and the human life.  She has a once in a lifetime experience which is to experience life as a human and she is obviously very excited.  

Below, you will find four of the main characters!

(Fairy Princess Astral)




Fairy Princess Astral has always desired to live in the human world and now, we get to follow her on her journey!  But, leaving her magical home in the Fairy Kingdom of Athenia could be tricky, as Astral must keep her identity a secret!!!  Obviously, if you are a fairy princess, you are not going to understand the human world – she’s got to live the “normal” human life and discover many things, including what a “selfie” is!  Fairy Princess Astral will find it extremely hard to fit in.. Well, of course she will, she is a fairy!!! 

Astral has been secretly admiring a young boy, Tristan.  Astral’s parents (the King and Queen of Athenia) are concerned by this but Astral manages to convince them in letting her live her life as a human.. it is only for 90 days!!!  Fortunately, her new best friend Morgan keeps her secret and helps Astral in keeping her incredibly strong fairy powers in check.  Astral, unfortunately, attracts jealousy from Hailey who is Astral’s rival.  Hailey seems to think that there is something different about Astral to any other human and is determined to find out exactly what it is. 

I am looking forward to following Fairy Princess Astral on her journey and adventure and I am excited to see what happens next, to discover whether Astral can keep her identify hidden for those 90 days of living her life as a human and to find whether her secret powers are exposed!!!

Here’s my Fairy Princess Astral makeover!!!

I really enjoyed using the props provided to create a “Fairy Princess” look.

The Other Kingdom premieres on Monday 8th August 2016 at 6:30pm – don’t miss it!


We all dream of having white teeth, ‘The Hollywood Smile’, me maybe more than others. But even though I look after my teeth, I never get the white I strive for. People always compliment my teeth telling me how white they are too but it’s still not white enough.

So I can’t tell you how excited I am to let you in on a little secret to finding really really white teeth!!!

I’ve tried everything in the past, from toothpastes, teeth whitening strips to actually going to a salon and having my teeth whitened (of course always researching the products before buying / trying!). I am sooo wary about my teeth and so frightened of damaging them in the process.

For just over a month, I have been using my new Nano range sent by Whitewash Laboratories and I am absolutely over the moon with my results.

(Check out my before and after pics!!!)

WhiteWash Laboratories are an award winning provider of teeth whitening and oral care products. All of their products have been developed and formulated by leading UK dentists!!

Founders of WhiteWash Laboratories Matthew, a Dental Graduate and Tom a Business Graduate decided to combine their expertise to produce a range of peroxide and non – peroxide based whitening products that are packaged beautifully, affordable and the best part, provide absolutely flawless results.


“The Nano Whitening Toothbrush with Whitening Bristle Technology© helps to prevent and remove the build up of stains. With clinically proven whitening bristles which remove 35% more stains compared to normal bristles featuring a premium design with ergonomically contoured handle for a more comfortable brushing experience.

The WhiteWash Nano Whitening Toothpaste has been developed by UK dentists and contains a multi-active whitening complex with advanced Enamel Repair Technology© to help whiten and remineralise teeth. A combination of special micro-polishers remove surface stains whilst the Enamel Repair Technology© helps to repair teeth, reduce sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth. The addition of naturally occurring xylitol inhibits bacterial plaque formation preventing acid attacks.

The WhiteWash Nano Whitening Mouthwash has been developed by UK dentists and uses Enamel Repair Technology© to help whiten and remineralise teeth. The advanced complex helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and create a radiant sheen on teeth. The addition of naturally occurring xylitol inhibits bacterial plaque formation preventing acid attacks.

WhiteWash Anti-Stain Floss Tape provides an anti-bacterial action with the addition of naturally occurring xylitol and uses a special whitening complex helping to clean and brighten the spaces between teeth. This advanced non-shredding floss glides easily between teeth and features micro-perforations for a superior clean”.


The products within my set are really cute and it’s such a simple and easy process. After I have brushed my teeth, using of course my Nano set, I constantly feel myself sliding my tongue over my teeth because they feel so clean and shiny!! All of the whitening products I have previously tried have never made my teeth feel so amazing and this glossy white colour I have always desired.



I have pretty sensitive teeth too and I have not witnessed any problems at all while using my Nano set, so I would highly recommend this if you have sensitive teeth!


 I am extremely excited to see the outcome after another month or two. I will keep you updated on my Instagram (@ROBYNENVOGUE).

But so far I am over the moon with my results and I know you will be too. Whitewash have a deal for the Nano Whitening Kit at the moment so there’s no better time to grab yours now on the Whitewash Nano website. At the moment you can treat yourself for just £33.83, which means you will receive 15% off of the original price.

I hope you love your Nano teeth whitening kit as much as I love mine!!!

One of the best feelings in a girls life, is being pampered. Whether it’s hair, nails, makeup, tan.. you just can’t beat the feeling.

Obviously, when you go on a night out, regardless if it is with the girls, your boyfriend/husband or family.. you need to look your best!!!

I for one, always feel better about myself when someone a little more professional than myself does my hair/makeup or tan – I think, it’s a little confidence booster too.

So recently, I had my makeup done by Rhianna – a makeup artist from Essex. My makeup looked fantastic and the colours of my makeup matched my outfit perfectly.

My makeup experience was at my own home too, which in my opinion was better for me as I prefer being at home than popping out to a salon. When having my makeup done, I always love having the makeup artists opinion, at the end of the day, they are the expert and know better than I do!!! So, Rhianna sat me in the chair and the first question she asked was “what colours are you wearing?”, as soon as she established this she began to paint my face. The makeup process was a lot quicker than I expected.

Rhianna made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and we had a good chat. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt fabulous and not stressed like I would have felt if I had done my own. My makeup looked absolutely amazing.  I was so pleased with the outcome. The makeup matched my outfit perfectly and the best bit about it was the fact it was so light on my skin and actually felt like I had no makeup on at all.  At the end of the night my make up still looked fabulous.

So girls, if you are from Essex, make sure you get in touch with Rhianna for any wedding makeup/prom makeup/nights out!!! Of course, prices may vary depending on where Rhianna has to travel to.

Just remember, when your makeup is done professionally by Rhianna, you won’t need to worry about those dreaded drunken photos because your makeup will look perfect all night long!!!

Makeup used by Rhianna:

MAC foundation in C3 mixed with Loreal infaliable in Vanilla, Sleek contour kit in Medium, Rimmel wake me up concealer in 010 Ivory X NYX gotcha covered concealer in light Clair, NYX powder contour kit, the balm Maryluminiser highlight, MAC Fleur Power blush, Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in medium brown, Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette, Collection 2000 glam crystals liner in 08 Dancing Queen, Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Dainty & Ben NYE banana powder to set!


Make sure you like Rhianna’s Facebook page: Makeup by Rhianna

and her Instagram page: Makeup by Rhianna Tween