I came across “Bottle Bling” on Instagram last week and decided it would make the perfect gift for my boyfriends cousins 30th!!! I am a total sucker for personalised gifts anyway but I love the whole idea of blinging up a bottle of prosecco. Anyway, I got in touch with the guys who work at “Bottle Bling” to query the delivery on these, at this point it must have been about 10:30pm, so I didn’t expect a response until the next day at least.. but I was totally amazed to have received a response within 3 minutes and I was even promised to have the gift by the date I needed. I love good customer service but honestly, I cannot thank the guys at Bottle Bling enough for the effort they went to, to get my bottle to me so soon.

My bottle arrived within 3 days, just as they had promised and I was over the moon with the gift. The pictures just don’t do it justice – they look 20x better in real life.

Obviously I chose pink and sparkly with a cute little label which was personalised for the birthday girl, but there are SO many different designs to choose from. But honestly, if you are looking for any personalised gift for someone special, for any birthday but especially the milestone birthdays such as 18th, 21st, 30th etc., make sure you check them out. You can purchase direct from their website: www.bottlebling.co.uk and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram too: Bottle Bling.

Fabulous customer service, super fast delivery and the most beautiful prosecco bottle you will ever see.. what more could a girl want?!??

Huge thanks to Bottle Bling, you guys are insane!!!

This post is definitely one for the couples, especially the men, around this time of year… as you will know… (well should know), Valentine’s Day is just one week away… and I have the perfect Valentine’s gift for the special lady in your life.

Let me introduce you to Prestige Flowers.. firstly, I have to say, this is a flower company.. like no other! The bouquets are literally INSANE! I have never seen flowers more beautiful and unique than the ones you will find at Prestige Flowers and you know what the best thing is? The price!!!

Girls love flowers for a start, so you really can’t go wrong with getting your lady a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I know a lot of people say “flowers are really expensive and die really quickly”. Not Prestige Flowers.. you won’t find yourself a more reasonable price for Flowers than here, trust me!

I received the most beautifully arranged bouquet of red roses from Prestige Flowers last week and I was totally amazed when I discovered the price of them. For just £19.99 (bargain!!!) you can buy 12 gorgeous red roses. The packaging and wrapping is unbelievable too, it’s just all so pretty and unique. They also include a cute little box of chocolates with your order too!!!

I am a total sucker for flowers so I know you lot, can’t go wrong with this lovely idea.. PLEASE take my advice (especially the men!!!) your lady will be super impressed (and I’ll let you take all the credit for this one!!!)

Just remember to get your orders in soon as I know for a fact, Prestige Flowers will be super busy and you don’t want to miss out!! You can purchase the perfect flowers for your other half here: Prestige Flowers!!!

Have you always dreamed of having that perfect Hollywood smile? Well, I have found the perfect item you are looking for to help you achieve just that. I am so excited to introduce you to “Essex Smiles”.. we all know that having an Essex smile is better than having a Hollywood smile anyway!!!

Using this little beauty tool, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, it’s simple, quick and easy.. what more could you ask for?

The box includes: 2 syringes filled with teeth whitening gel, 2 mouth moulds and an LED light.
Get your own kit here for just £18.99: Essex Smiles.

If you prefer the salon choice, I recently visited Essex Smiles (which is based in Chingford) with my boyfriend. We had our teeth whitened while we relaxed and watched TV for an hour!!  As long as you don’t mind dribbling in front of your other half (like me), it’s quite a nice little outing to share together! The service we received was fabulous, I couldn’t have wished for anything more but I was still so excited to be able to do it in my own home.

I can honestly recommend both the Essex Smiles home teeth-whitening kit and visiting the Essex Smiles salon. You can grab yourself a really good deal if you keep checking the Essex Smiles Instagram Page!

I can’t wait to see all of your glistening white nashers!!!

I’ve been thinking for a while and I really want to give you a little more of an insight to my life.. as my little sister has just started her own blog (www.waffhles.com).  After discussing this with both of my sisters (Georgia and Amelie), I have decided to introduce you to them both!

So.. meet my sisters!!! ♡

-Heels or Flats? 

A: House?

R & G: *laughs*

G: Flats, I hardly wear heels

A: Heels

R: Flats, I’m a trainer kinda girl nowadays!

-Jeans or Dresses?

G: Jeans, I love both though

R: I usually wear dresses to work, but I love getting dressed up in a “going out dress“, but I think I prefer jeans on a day to day basis

A: Dresses for sure

-Favourite Animal? 

R: Dog, of course

G: Dog

A: Dog and Tiger

-If your house was burning down and your entire family were sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

R: Knowing me, I would probably have my phone in my hand, so I would be trying to save all my clothes & shoes

G: My phone

A: My phone as I couldn’t live without musical.ly!

-Dog or Rabbit? 

A: Dog

R: Dog

G: Silly question, dog!

-Blackberry or iPhone? 

A: What’s a blackberry?

G: iPhone but I did love my blackberry bold!

R: iPhone, without a doubt

A: iPhone

-Favourite Movie? 

A: Hairspray Live or Blended


R: The Longest Ride

-What is something weird that you eat? 

A: Ice (which Georgia can’t stand the sound of!!!)

G: I think they are normal but everyone seems to find me weird for having an obsession for palma violets?!

R: Well, I think it’s amazing but Georgie (my boyfriend) seems to think melted cheese on toast with tomato ketchup is weird?! 

-Do you have anything matching? 

G: Me and Robyn share most of our clothes, we did used to wear matching clothes when we were younger though!

R: We don’t really wear matching anymore though…

A: But we do have matching onesies which have our names on the back!

-What is your favourite TV shows? 

R: Easy, Amelie’s is Dance Moms and Georgia’s is Pretty Little Liars!!!

G: Robyn doesn’t get much time to watch TV but she always finds time to watch Arsenal matches.. but probably Ex on The Beach or Match of the Day programme wise!!

To check out the other 10 questions to our sister tag, check out Gigi’s blog (www.waffhles.com)!!!

I received these cute and chic tights from Nobull and Charnos Hoisery and I cannot explain how comfy and pretty they are!!  Charnos Hosiery have a huge range of tights with so many different patterns.

Working in the City I literally live in opaque black tights and never choose anything with a pattern, so these are a little different and so nice for an evening out and obviously very different to my every day look, these are my “special tights” which will only be worn on special occasions!!  They look super cute and classy.

Charnos Hosiery has the answer to take you from office to party and can make you stand out in an extremely sophisticated way.

These particular tights are a dark black colour with little gold spots, these are from their Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion section and are called Sparkle Spot Tight.

So why don’t you transform your wardrobe and your current look with just a pair of tights?  If you are looking for a larger variety of tights that are stylish and unique check out their website: Charnos Hosiery.